Foolishness and anger collideMature

The two sluts had their bodies all over Jason in a flirtatious attempt to seduce him. Suffice it to say, it didn't work... At all. The second we were out in the parking lot and Brittany tried to press her blood red lips to his, she got a nasty little shock.

He pushed her straight into a car, his eyes were blazing and now Kacie had detached from him with a look of fear as she helped Brittany up off her now bruised rear end. They both glared at Jason and he glared back with a cold smile, that made me feel a bit creeped out.

"Listen buddy, I don't know what the hell your problem is," Kacie said getting up in his face, "But I-"

"Tell you what sweet heart," Jason said, getting right back up in her face until she was up against a wall, "How about you get the hell out of here, and leave my cousin and Nadia alone or I start playing this little game with you." I was puzzled by what he meant for a moment, and then I realize what he meant.

"What exactly do you mean," Brittany asked, "By 'Play this game with us'? " Wow, she really was a stupid blonde.

"Oh I don't know," Jason said sarcastically, speaking with his hands as he went along, "Maybe tell your boyfriends about how you slut around with other men, or how I've seen you steal money from their wallets." Damn, he really was good.

Both girls immediately stopped dead and their eyes filled with fear, they looked at each other uncertainly and then faked brave faces and turned to Jason with sneers.

"Excuse me but we do not spread rumors about-" And that's when Jason completely lost all patience and mercy for them.

"Yes you fucking do," He bellowed, everyone jumped including me, "You walked into a hospital room where my cousin's hooked up to half a dozen machines hooked up to him!"

"He's trying to keep himself together when his heart's broken, just so his little brother doesn't have to see him cry after his mother was murdered right in front of him!" Jason had tears streaking down his face, and I realized I did too. The girls looked at each other and then got into their car and drove away.

Jason composed himself, motioned for me to follow him back in. We walked in silence as we journeyed up the stairs.

"Would you have done it," I asked, he just stared at me until I explained, "Would you have actually told their boyfriends?" He nodded as we reached the floor, and room Devyn was in. And once again, I walked in on my best friend kissing my sister.

The End

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