Dad had walked past us and to his car, which surprised me, I was about to speak upon my concern when Lacey's phone began to ring and she picked it up. She answered and looked down for a moment and began to speak.

"... Okay... We'll be there in a few minutes-" She stopped as the person began to speak anxiously, " No, No don't worry about it, we'll be there in a little bit. Love you too." She turned to me, her eyes saddened and spoke rather saddly.

" We're going to go and pick up Cole," She said, " He wants to see his brother." I nodded, knowing full well that I'd see my friends heart break right in front of me. This was going to hurt but... oh well, I wasn't about to let him not check in on his brother.

  We carried in the guitar and papers, and waited for Cole to come downstairs. I was expecting him to look bad but... Nothing prepared me for the sight of my best friend like he was.

His eyes had huge sacks underneath them and were extremely bloodshot. Almost all the color was drained for his face, his cheeks were streaked with red from all the tears, his hair was a brown rat's nest, and his clothes were wrinkled and baggy. He was still stifling sobs as he moved down the  stairs and out to the car.

I looked over at Matt and he looked back at me, rather concerned. I moved after Cole, trying to put a hand on his shoulder, but he shrugged me off. I looked down as he got into the car and moved beside him as he put his head in his hands and let the tears flow.

Lacey started up the car and we drove towards the house in utter silence. I sighed and leaned back, closing my eyes so the time would pass quicker. When We pulled into the parking lot, Cole and I got out, leaving Lacey and Matt to go run some errands.

" Take care of him Dakota please..." Lacey whispered as I hugged her farewell, " I don't want to lose him." I followed Cole in the hospital towards Devyn's room, when someone caugth my eyes, moving towards Devyn's room. It was my Dad.

" Dad, what are you doing here?" I asked, he turned around as Cole passed him and walked into Devyn's room. He turned towards me, surprised to see me obviously, and then walked towards me.

" I'm here to supoort Nadia and," He stopped for a moment, " I needed to see the Doctor anyway." He moved towards the frame of the door, and looked in on Devyn as Nadia talked to him, obviously about the lie that he had cheated on her.

" How is he?" Dad asked, " When will he be out of here?" I looked in on him, one of my best friends and judged his condition.

" Maybe two or three more days," I whispered, " I don't know, he's in pretty bad shape..." I was at a loss for words, because for once, I wasn't angry with my dad, in fact I actually wanted him here for once.

" Come on, let's go see him for a little bit," I said smiling gently, " Nadia could use some company." He looked surprised as we walked in to hear Nadia respond to a rather angry Devyn.

" Devyn I've listened to you all this time," She said, " And look where it's gotten me now, heart broken alone and-"

" Nadia please, just-" Cole stammered the tears falling down, " Just shut up, we just can't deal with anymore right now." Nadia looked over at him shocked, that he would speak out like that.

" Nadia, let it go, Devyn didn't cheat," I said, " I think Kacie and Brittany set you up to be miserable, after all, they didn't exactly do anything when you were about to be raped."

Nadia thought it for a little bit, and finally nodded, seeming to understand me. She sighed, holding her head in her hands. Cole moved towards Devyn and stifled a sob, he was beginning to fall apart completely. I looked over t Nadia who's face softened as she watched Cole fall apart on his brothers shoulder.

 I looked away, unable to stand the sight of it without crying too. I closed my eyes and sighed, letting  the tears slither down my face. I felt a hand on my shoulder, startled I turned to see Jason, holding some food and an extra blanket.

 " I didn't realize you were here Jason." I said, Lacey must have left him here to watch Devyn. He nodded sighing softly and putting the food and blanket by Devyn's bed.

 " So... I guess we're orphans now," Cole said, his voice shook unevenly, " And we have to plan a funeral..." Cole was sitting next to Devyn now, body racking and I saw Nadia's heart break form within her eyes. That's when I heard footsteps behing me, and I took a swing without even missing a beat as Kacie and Brittany walked in, looking solemn.

  " Dakota what the he-" I cut her off with a snarl, that resonated deep from in my throat.

 " GET THE HELL OUT!" They stopped, frozen in fear and then managed the courage to glare at me, at least I thought it was courage, might have been stupidity.

 " No Dakota," Kacie said, she was trying for best to look solemn, but I could see through her like a window, she wanted to make both Nadia and Devyn miserable, " We're here to apologize to Nadia, and deal with the trash." They glared over at Devyn and He glared back.

 " So the two sluts decided to finally confront me face-to-face," Devyn's voice was like a freezer, " Look I'm not in the mood for your stupid games right now, leave."

 " Umm excuse me, but we're not here to worry about you," Brittany snarled, and I wanted to rip the stupid little whores high lights out of her skull, " We're here to comfort our friend since you hurt her so bad." They moved to stand by nadia, who looked confused on who to trust.

  Jason's blue eyes were blazing with fury as He got up. He brushed his black hair out his face and moved towards them with dark politeness.

 " Ladies, would you  mind coming outside," He said, " I need to talk with you for a minute, with Dakota." They thought it over for a minute and then smiled looking Jason over, probably sizing up how he'd work as a boy toy.

 " Sure hot stuff," Kacie said, running her hand across his chest and then through his hair, " Let's go 'talk' for a little bit." She led him by the hand outside, and I followed, knowing full well that I would get to see Jason blow a huge fuse on these two.

The End

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