Back to the HospitalMature


The soft whirring of the engine as I drove slowly down the familiar roads was barely a calming factor. Anger raged inside of me when I replayed how things had gone down between me and Melissa. But even more so: guilt. That was not how I'd meant it to be. The evening had taken a downturn and the words I'd said had hurt her.

Yet, I couldn't take it all back so there was no use feeling all guilt-ridden over it, right? Sighing, I swerved the car into the parking lot of the hospital. I didn't want to go back home, at least not alone to only be swarming in my thoughts once again. I suspected that both Nadia and Dakota would be here for Devyn.

Getting out of the car, I entered the hospital and within a few minutes was on my merry-way to one of the stuffy white rooms. I hated hospitals; the atmosphere was sickening and unnerved me slightly. It was only when I was about to turn into the corridor where Devyn's room was, did I hear the voice that caused my blood to stop running.


Ah shit. 

Turning around slowly, I faced Doc as he approached me in that solemn way of his. "Where have you been? I told you to come for regular check ups and you don't! You don't pick up my calls either."

"I've been busy," I answered briefly. 

Doc's frown deepened and he gave me a stern look, the kind a parent would give their child if they'd crossed the line. "Come to my office," he muttered and I had no choice but to follow him as he led me through. 

Once we were both seated and inside of his small and organized room, he eyed me as if looking out for any warning of me blowing up like I had last time. "How are you?"

"Fine," I answered dully, trying to hide the annoyance that flitted across my face.

"Have you been taking your meds?"

I opened my mouth to say "yes" but then stopped, knowing that would be a lie and wistfully, shook my head. As if he'd expected this, Doc nodded and silence coated us for a few minutes as he waited for me to say something more. When I didn't, he took it as his responsibility and let it out.

"Thomas - you need to see a psychiatrist."

The End

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