Well, so far, I had totally lost my cool with Dakota, blubbered like a baby in Lacey's arms, and somehow managed to get myself into the most uncomfortable situation yet: staying alone with Devyn.

God, give me the words to say...

I sat down beside Devyn's bed. "You look awful." Not exactly your most God-inspired words, Nadia.

"Sorry you have to look at me," Devyn muttered, tone somewhat irritated. So the angel wasn't always in a lovely mood.

I drummed my fingertips along the edge of Devyn's hospital bed, then realized how annoying that must be. Admittedly, the thought of doing something to annoy Devyn was tempting, but that wasn't exactly God-inspired - was it?

"I think we have some talking to do," I finally spat out.

Just then, a nurse came in to do some routine check-ups on Devyn. I awkwardly turned my back so that Devyn wouldn't be so uncomfortable. After what seemed like an eternity of time, the nurse left. I sat back down in the chair and raised my eyebrows. "Do you want to talk?"

"Yeah. I guess I'd better explain myself," Devyn said. He nervously coughed, making my heart flutter.

What if his cheating was even worse than I'd thought?

"I didn't send those texts to Esther, Nadia. You know I didn't. I would never do something like that."

"Uh, no offense, but I've kind of learned that men can't be trusted," I replied. Okay, God, maybe I'm wrong about this. But if You expect me to listen to Devyn, then I kind of need help, okay?

"I know. And I wish it wasn't that way. Nadia, what can I do to convince you that I didn't send those texts?"

"But they said - "

"But who said?"

I blushed, knowing that the names I was about to drop weren't exactly known for being trustworthy. "Kacie and Brittany. Now, before you get all defensive and tell me that I can't trust them, let me tell you that they've been the only friends I've had recently."

"I can't believe you'd trust people like them over me, Nadia," Devyn said, and if I wasn't mistaken, I could hear a trace of anger in his voice. Well, if he was right about all this, then he had a right to be angry.

"I told you - I don't trust men."

"Nadia! Would you mind shutting your mouth and just listening to me for a second?!"

The End

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