Harsh WordsMature


Melissa waited for me to retort back with something, like I normally would do. But I didn't. Because a part of me knew she wasn't lying and that the words she had just said were absolutely true. 

So maybe I had been a little self-involved with my life but that didn't give her the right to comment on that, did it? Anger surged through me at the contradictory insult that had formed in my mind as I glared back down at her.

"You have no right to tell me what I'm doing or have done with my life Melissa."

"Don't I?" She snapped, completely backing away from me as she stood up with a deep frown crossing her face. All traces of grief gone, eyebrows crossed in an inescapable expression of fury. "Given that I care about you, I do have the right to tell you what you've been doing wrong with your life. Because you're certainly not doing it well. Isn't that why you wanted to meet me today anyways?"

"No! That's not why!" I shouted, voice raising as I tried to come up with an argument. 

"Then why the hell did you?"

My jaw clenched, hands tightening into fists. Taking a step closer, I took hold of her elbow and yanked her towards me till I towered dangerously over her. 

"You are nothing but an assistant. Do you hear me?"

The wave of emotions that crossed her face were indescribable but I could tell that my words had quite an impact on her. Forcing herself out of my tight grip, she walked away without another look back. 

The End

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