Utter decimation of what was once a mask of perfectionMature

  She was beginning to get on my nerves now. I didn't expect her to get over it this quick, but to say I had no idea of what it was like... That sincerely pissed me off. She NEARLY got raped, I DID.

 I shook it off as she kept babbling on in small pieces, about how she'd never trust a man again. I finally got some relief when I got up to the front counter and asked the nurse for Devyn's room.

 " It's right down the hall to the left," She said, " He may not be awake though, he's been drifting in and out of consciousness." I thanked her an headed down to the room, where my mouth and heart dropped all at once.

  Devyn was strapped to half a dozen different machines, making it look like he had tentacles slithering out from his skin, which was a dark indigo mostly around his body, leaving only a few tan blotches. His beatiful golden blonde hair was mixed now with an ugly dried up scarlet from all the blood.

 Nadia stopped for a moment to look at him, and then she walked in and took a seat next to him, obviously uncomfortable though. Lacey sat by Devyn's other hand, holding it gently as not to cause discomfort. I sat down next to her and whispered in her ear softly.

 " How is he?" I asked and she looked at me with saddened eyes and sighed softly.

 " He's not good, the doctors had to knock him out once." She said gently, " But he should be fine now, he pulled through well enough."

 That's about when Nadia lost her head and went over the edge into looneyville.

 " Devyn don't even try to apologize," She said,  when Devyn hadn't even been talking to her, " I've had a very horrible day, and my brother dragged me here and I don't want to be here and..."

 " The very last thing I want to do is see you," She said with a knife in her voice that made Devyn flinch, " I was nearly raped today, and Dakota goes on thinking that I should act as if it's okay and come visit you as if-" That's when I snapped, an if Nadia's words had been a knife, mine were a machete.

 " Nadia shut the hell up," I snarled causing her to jump, " I don't expect to you to go on with your life an hour after this happened!"

 " But I do expect you to show me some damn pity because I actually was raped!" I was standing now, " Do you think I've come anywhere near recovering from this after two damn years?! Do you expect me not to act as if it still hurts?"  She was backing down now and realizing what she'd done wrong, but I wasn't done, no, nowhere near done.

 " And you actually think that I have no idea how it feels to have a piece of you ripped away by someone?" I was tearing up now, big time,  " I've actually had it happen to me, so shut up!"

" Dakota I-" She was unsure of what to say, " I'm sorry..."

 " Don't say sorry to me," I said beginning to walk out, " Devyn's by far had a worse day than both of us..."

 " What do you mean?" She asked quietly and I stopped dead, thinking of how to speak, but Lacey beat me to the punch.

 " It... was Alex, he- he murdered Devyn's mother," She said softly and with pure sorrow, " And he made Devyn watch and tried to kill him too..."

 I waited to see Nadia finally realize the depth of the pain Devyn was going through.


The End

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