Silence covered us for a few minutes. Melissa seemed to be struggling for the words to say but I waited patiently. My mind wandered for a moment, wondering what Dakota and Nadia were up to right now. But it snapped back in place when Melissa started to speak.

"It's hard you know," her voice merely but a whisper. "I don't have the family that I used to any more. And almost every little thing triggers my memories of them."

I opened my mouth to say something but Melissa wasn't finished. Her tone grew more strained, her voice louder as she continued. "But this day is always the worst. God, I just remember the incident so vividly in my mind and it replays all the time. I can never take it, it's too much. Like I'm caught up in the past, reliving it all."

She covered her face with her hands, trying to hide herself from me but I placed my arms around her, bringing her closer. "Sshh Mel." 

There were no tears. But she shook in my arms, trembling. "Things happen for a reason Melissa. And sometimes you have got to accept them."

She snorted suddenly, looking up at me with accusing eyes. "And you're telling me this? The man who could never face the own problems of his life is advising me to accept mine?"

I flinched, and unknowingly tightened my grip on her. "That's a completely different issue," I muttered in a gruff tone. 

"Oh is it now?"

"Yes it is. Besides, today is about you."

Traces of tears disappeared from her face, she leaned away from me with a look of irritation on her face. "If today was about me in the first place, you probably wouldn't have called. Heck, you wanted me there for you. Doesn't that show how much you're warped up in your own world to care for others?"

The End

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