Dying on the InsideMature


I am going to die!

My body shook with torrents of emotions, emotions that came at me so quickly that I could even identify any of them. Visions of what had almost happened...of what had almost been done...they plagued me, terrified me, flashed in my mind, screamed at my soul, tore at my skin...

I was somewhat aware of the fact that I was trembling from head to toe, but not even that fact was completely registered in my mind. 

Finally understanding enough to realize that nausea roiled in my stomach, I doubled over and threw up. All over the back of the car.

"I'm not going in there...I'm not going in there..." I mumbled, but Dakota wouldn't hear of it. He helped me out and held me upright by slipping his arm around me. "Dakota, don't take me in there!"

"You need to see Devyn, Nadia. You need to see Devyn."

I wrenched myself away from Dakota's touch. "I'm never going to trust a man again! All the men in my life have rejected me! First Dad, then Mom's stupid boyfriend, then you, then Devyn...and Mikhail was about to do worse than reject me!" I fumed.

"I'm not angry with you anymore, Nadia, but I will be if you don't cooperate!" Dakota shot back.

I refused to listen. "Shut up, Dakota! Just shut up! Don't you realize what almost happened back there at the party? And now you expect me to carry on with life, as though nothing traumatic happened? You really don't understand these things, do you?"

Dakota opened his mouth to say something, then snapped it shut. Well, good for him. At least he had more sense than to try to speak to me.

"I want to go back home," I announced.

"And I want you to come inside the hospital."

Dakota and I stared one another down, a brother-sister showdown of sorts. Finally, Dakota held his hands up in surrender. "Have it your way, Nadia. I just thought Devyn might be able to calm you down. He didn't really cheat on you, you know."

Undeniably, my curiosity was piqued, but I wasn't about to show it. My mind was still whirling.

"Won't you give him a second chance, Nadia?"

The End

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