The death of innocenceMature

When I found  out she was at that damn party, I began to flip out. She'd left her phone at home and I read the texts. I knew who this Mikhail was, his reputation preceeded him, and damn was it a reputation.

 The kid has apparently had sex with over a dozen girls, some requiring roofies. And I knew what this whole deal was with inviting Nadia to that party. Humiliation tactic, raping her in front of half a dozen drunken idiots seemed to be a good idea. And when we got to their house, which was only a mile away all my fears were confirmed.

 Nadia and Mikhail were out in the backyard but still in plain view. He had her up against the tree, she was screaming with her mouth covered up by his hands. He had his pants half way down to the point you could see his underwear. My fury was at the point it could have melted just about anything.

 I charged up behind and smashed his head against the tree with my crutch, dazing him, Nadia slipped away crying as a group gathered around to watch me beat the living crap out of this lowlife. Matt eventually managed to pull me away as the two barbie dolls came running out to check on their boy toy. I shoved them out of the way and went over to help Nadia.

 She was cowering by the side of the porch, her tiny frame shaking and her cinnamon hair in tangles. She flinched as she saw me approaching as I pulled her close and let her rock away her tears in my arms.

 " Dakota I-" She sobbed as she fell into my arms and I soothed her, " I should have listened to you! They're all liars." I stroked her back soothingly as Kacie an Brittney walked over angrily and slapped me.

 " What the hell Dakota!" Kacie snarled, " You ruined my party!" I got up pushing Nadia over to Matt and slapped the living shit out of Kacie causing her to smash into Brittany.

 " Listen, you stupid barbie doll bitch," I snarled, flames seeping from my eyes, " You just about ruined my sister's life, and believe me, I want to make you pay in the most painful way possible but I'm going to show mercy, so shut up." I then glared over at Mikhail with pure hatred.

 " And if you ever touch my sister again," I said menacingly "I'm not afraid to go to jail for slitting your throat."

 And with that we got back in the car with Nadia as she continue to sob, I told Matt to head for the hospital and to take Nadia home after that, that she'd been through enough.

 When we got there whe looked puzzled and looked over at me and back at the hospital. She looked over at me puzzled and asked quietly.

 " What are we doing here?" She asked quietly, " I don't need to go to the hospital..." I stared over at her, my eyes brimming over with tears.

 " I- I think it's better Devyn tell you," I said softly, " He really needs you right now..." She looked puzzled as she followed me up to Devyn's room.

 And that's where the truth came out, and the tears fell by the rivers.

The End

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