Searching for a PlaceMature


I was determined to make today the best for Melissa. Okay, maybe I was getting my hopes up there but my t-shirt was still partly wet on the inside from her tears. I could not even begin to count how many times she must have relived this every other year, and I hadn't been there for her. But this time, I wanted to make it up to her and I was determined to.

But first, I had to figure where exactly it was that I'd be able to cheer her up. It was at that moment that I flashbacked to a time when we'd been in our office. I'd asked her to come in and help me sort through some files that I'd found in one of my drawers. Desperately needing the help, and seeing that I did, she'd helped me. 

One of the brochures lying around caught her attention - something to do with a garden display or nature. I couldn't quite remember but Melissa had smiled. "I love places like these," she'd said with a smile. I remember glancing at her, shooting her a weird look and tossing the next file at her.

So she liked gardens. Then that's exactly where I would take her. 

In fact...I had the perfect place in mind. 

Smiling to myself, I swerved the car around, receiving something of an alarmed look from Mel (who didn't say anything). Yet I knew she would love this. She'd have to. I want her to. 

The End

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