All my insults, are now replaced with regretsMature


  Cole and Sean didn't come home until much later, and Cole was in tears, he was so upset over his brother, the police would be there in about an hour, they had said. Though how much good it will do, I honestly didn't know. Alex was a monster, and Devyn was already in horrible shape, if Alex got a hold of him again...

 I didn't even want to consider that possibility. I shook my head softly and sat beside Cole as he let the tears slide gently, ever so  gently... Jason sat next to us and gave Cole a look of sympathy and patted his back as Cole's body shuddered softly. Cole dabbed at them but they just kept on coming.

 " I need to be alone..." He said, getting up abruptly and then running up the stairs quickly shutting the door with a hard thud. I  looked over at Jason helplessly as he returned my gaze, we seemed to share the same sense of duty towards people we cared about, which I liked.

 " I can't believe my aunt would be this heartless," He said shakig his black locks, " You would think a person wouldn't shed their soul that quickly." I nodded silently knowing what he meant by that.

 How people would so easily shed  every belief and promise they had just to get high and numb out their hell of a life. How they'd be so deep in lies the began to become the truth, and the person they were died along wtih what wasn't fiction and fairy tales made up to soften blows.

 I was thinking on this when I heard my phone ring, I looked at the number slightly puzzled, whoever it was, was calling from a pay phone. I accepted the call and answered cautiosly, afraid it was some maniac trying to kill me.

 " Hello?" I asked cautiously, and then there was a line of rushed gibberish that I couldn't understand. But I understood very well who it was, and I felt my blood freeze, because I didn't think he would be able to call.

 " Devyn, Devyn," I said trying to calm him down, " Listen, slow down so I can understand what the hell you're saying." He then stopped , Hyperventilating, you could hear the sobs in his voice as he tried to calm himself.

 " It- it's my mom," He was still hyperventalating, like someone was hunting him and he was out of breath from running, " She was in a pool of blod, I couldn't stop him Dakota! He just kept going and going!" He began being overcome by sobs and his voice became mixed in with it, so that I couldn't understand what he was saying anymore. I began to soothe him again, as much as I could anyway.

 " Devyn where are you, what happened?" I asked, and I was physically afraid of the answer, because wherever he was, and whatever had happened was not good, at all.

 " I- I'm outside the Gibson hotel," He said, voice shaking, " On the east side of town." Before he said anymore I cut hm off, the story could wait, there was just an urgency in my heart that said we needed to find him, get him out of there as quickly as possible, I shouted for Sean and he came running.

 " It's Devyn," I said, showing the urgency in my eyes, " This isn't good we need to go and get him, NOW." I stressed the word 'now' because it was more than urgent, I was quite sure Devyn's life was in danger. I handed Sean the phone and after about a minutes of questioning he told Devyn we'd be there in less than ten minutes. He then hung up, told Jason and I to get in the car, and then ran to get Lacey and Matt.

 We ran out to his car, a huge BMW and he hit the gas pedal the second everyone was in the car. Jason and I flew into the side door, straight into Lacey, who grunted in pain and shoved us back, we managed to buckle ourselves before we flew out the window.

  We made it to the hotel, where Devyn was sitting on the ground with his head in his hands and rocking back and forth on his heels. His blond hair was matted down with blood, he had a black eye and his entire arm was bruised, his hand was bleeding and when he got up he had a really bad limp.  Sean and Matt got out of the car and caught Devyn as he dropped right into their arms, exhausted and sobbing.

 I moved into the back of the car and held Devyn up as he sobbed miserably, Sean slowed down considerably, as not to make Devyn anymore miserable, Devyn then looked up at me and beckoned me weakly, when his lips were at my ear he whispered something that made me literally black out.

 " It's my mom," He said softly, but his voice echoed with despair, " Alex killed her."

 When I awoke, we were back at Sean's house, Devyn wasn't in the in the car anymore, I began to panic when Matt calmed me down, grabbing my arms and shaking me very lightly, I looked into his light grey eyes and was immediately calmed.

 " Dakota it's okay, Devyn's safe," He said pulling away from me as I got out of the car, " He's at the hospital now with Lacey, he'll be okay Dakota, I promise you." I wasn't so sure though, because I realized Matt may not, Alex was following Devyn. There was no doubt, the urgency and fear in his voice proved it.

 " What about his mom?" I asked, knowing the answer already, " Is she...?" His head dropped a little and I saw a tear fall from his face, then he looked up at me, and I had my answer.

 " Sean went to the police station, they got to Devyn's about 5 minute later," He said, " When they got there... They found a river of blood, Alex's car was gone and Devyn had broken the window and gone down the fire escape to get away from Alex."

I then felt my heart sink, and I realized there was something I needed to do. I ran in the house feeling in my pocket for  my cell phone, I then remember Sean still had it and I cursed under my breath. I asked Matt if he had a phone I could borrow an h handed me a sleek blackberry.

 I dialed in Dad's number, 7 rings no answer, I tried again, 8 rings, no answer. I then tried Nadia's number, she must have rejected the call, because it didn't ring, any of the ten times I tried. I began to grow angry as I handed Matt his phone back, I looked down as tears poured out of my eyes and looked at him.

 " My sister's supposed to be a loving christian," I said sniffling, " But she thinks Devyn's cheating on her and now she won't even pick up the damned phone." I began to sob and Matt looked helpless, and then his eyes lit up as he got an idea.

 " Show me where you live," He said softly, " I'll take you so you can talk to your sister." I smiled gratefully and we headed out to Matt's car, and headed straight to the house that has caused so much pain for me. And tonight, I would truly see my sister lose her emotionless mask that she calls herself.


The End

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