Illusions of hope, and loveMature

 My jaw dropped along with my soul at this news. Cole father died for the woman who's now making his son's lives a living hell? And how could Rachel do something like that? How could she keep something so huge from her sons for 15 years? But there was one question that burned deeply in my heart that had no answer I could see.

 How could a loving God let this happen? How could a father let his beloved children grow up with so much pain in their hearts they wished that they were dead? My heart ached in such a way I thought it was going to get digested in my stomach. I turned to Lacey with a look of pure disbelief.

 "You- you're kidding me right?"  I asked, and my voice shook, something that shouldn't happen, " Lacey... why, how could she do this to them?" My eyes were tearing up but I didn't care in the least, some things are actually worth tearing up over. I looked over at her expecting an answer.

  "I honestly don't know Dakota," She paused and then spoke softly, " But I think
it might be she blames herself, that she's a shell of who she was." The conversation died there and never resumed, finally we all decided we should get some sleep. Which I was ready for after weeks of stress and near death experiences.

 When I woke up the smell of fresh breakfast filled the house, I felt my stomach growl and knew I should probably eat something before I add hunger to the list of reasons I might faint. I slipped on a shirt and dark black jeans and headed down the
stairs, where Lacey's family sat around the table, and suprisingly enough, Cole
was up too.

  "Oh hey Dakota," Veronica said sweetly, " Take a seat and have something to
eat." And I did just that, the food was absolutely delicious to say the
least. When the door opened I turned around to see an older man who was still
obviously Lacey's dad and her younger brother.

  Her father was tall and strong, with short jet black hair and ocean blue eyes and a slight beard, but his eyes were a deep beautiful ocean blue. He had on a tight coat and a dark pair of jeans. His son was almost an exact replica, except he was shorter,
a little firmer and wore skinny jeans instead of a baggy pair, his red American
Eagle jacket complimented his red flat billed hat nicely.

 "You must be Dakota," Lacey's father said moving over and shaking my hand, " I'm
Sean, Lacey's father, and this is my boy, Jason." Jason smiled and I smiled back, he wasn't perky but he wasn't acting depressed of emo either.

  " When we heard about Cole we came back from our father son camping trip," Sean said, " We've been trying to get in contact with him for over 2 years now, but we could never find him, how Rachel ket him so well hidden I'll never know." Cole looked nervous, I gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder as he got up to begin speaking with them.

 But before a word was spoken the door flew open and Rachel and Alex stormed in. Cole took a step back in fear and Lacey and I pushed him behind us to keep him out of the line of fire. Alex glared at him and made a move to grab him by the arm but Sean cut him off, grabbing his wrist and shoving him back at least two feet. Alex
growled but didn't make a move on Sean, because I'm more than certain that Sean
could beat his ass in a fight.

 "Sean, give us our son back, now." Rachel said through clenched teeth, "I can handle my kid's problems on my own." That’s when Sean went ballistic and slammed his hand down on a table, making every one of us jump at least an inch and make Rachel lose that angry fire in her eyes and it was replaced by pure terror.

 "Rachel this has gone on enough," He screamed," You dare try to come in my house, and tell me what to do?! No! Cole's been through more than enough of how you solve your problems." He was now tuning a shade of red I didn't think was possible. 

"Every problem you solve is at the bottom of a bottle or a fucking meth needle!" He threw his hands around dramatically for effect, "You haven't once given a damn
about yourself or your kids since Taylor saved your Life!"  I had to give it to Sean, he was amazing at handing Rachel’s shit right back to her. Cole looked shocked and as if he didn’t knew what to do, I couldn’t blame the poor kid, he didn’t even know about his dad yet, and then all this shit happens.

 “He lays down his life for both of you,” Sean was getting really, really, worked up now, if that’s even possible, “ And this is how you  repay him? By destroying your body with drugs, marrying this abusive monster and letting your kids live be utterly ruined? What the hell is wrong with you? Taylor wanted better than this for both of them!”

 I was shocked he had the guts to say all of this, but he made his point extremely clear, they were not going to get Cole, and he would never be treated this way again, ever. Alex was giving Cole a death glare and Lacey shot one right back at him with twice the intensity. He finally backed down and looked over at Rachel who was now
almost in tears, she finally shook her head and moved towards the door, but
before she walked out she turned and looked Sean straight in the eye.

 “You can’t keep me from my son Sean,” She said, her voice full of menace, “Because I already have the other one.” I stared in disbelief as she referred to her older son as an object, and the fact she somehow managed to get him into her car. I looked out
the window and I saw what she said was true, Devyn was in the car with the two
monsters, and before we could do anything they had sped off. I looked at Sean,
as he grimaced and looked towards Cole quickly.

 “Come on Cole,” He said softly, “ We’re going to the police station to report them, I’m going to make sure that your brother is here and those two are behind bars by tonight.” I looked shocked as Cole timidly got up and followed the man to his car,
shooting one last look at me for reassurance.

 “ … I knew she would never change…” Veronica whispered softly, “She’s never even
given a second thought to giving her kids a better life…” I nodded softly,
remembering how many times Cole hoped maybe, just maybe, his mother would
change, so his life could actually be worth living.

The End

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