Unraveling truths, Part 2Mature

 I was quite honestly about to faint, the only thing that stopped me was that I knew if I did, my head would land on a wooden floor. I didn't want a concussion so instead I gave myself a headache keeping myself conscious.

 " I couldn't tell who it was in the dark but," Lacey stuttered, something I'd never thought I'd hear, " The fact that it's you just." She covered her mouth as tears began to fall from her eyes in streams, they both looked like waterfalls of smeared make up and indigo bruises.

 " Lacey, I never thought I'd see you again." He said, both of them still caught up in each other's embrace. That's when I heard a door open upstairs and two people swiftly came down the stairs. One was a tall, skinny man with dazzlling bluish grey eyes and dark brown hair. The other was obviously Lacey's mother, she had long black hair, a slightly tan complexion and kind dark brown eyes.

 " Aunt Veronica..." Cole said quietly, somewhat nervously, " I- I'm sorry to be a bother, I- I'll be fine, I was just-" Veronica gently moved Lacey aside and turned to the man next to her.

 " Matt, please go get my medical bag," She said softly, " And a glass of water since Lacey spilled hers." I laughed nervously, the name Matt wrung a bell, but I don't know from where... Veronica elevated Cole's head and took off his shirt gingerly, Cole moaned in pain. Veronica shushed him softly and soothingly

 "Lacey please, take everyone out of the room," Veronica said gingerly, I'm going to need space to work and I can't do it with three people standing over me and a baby crying in the kitchen." Lacey nodded and took Brandon and I upstairs while Matt ran back up and then into the room with us.

 He smiled softly and took the baby from Lacey and calmed him down while Lacey and I sat on the bed waiting for one of us to speak. Finally she broke the silence, and when she did, the lies unraveled like a weak fabric.

 " That poor kid," She said softly, " Being abused, losing his father and now this?" She said the word losing in a way that was far too dramatic for death by a car crash.

 " You act as if the man was some kind of hero," I said softly, " When from what I've heard he was the biggest jerk in the world." She shook her head and looked over at me, knowingly in a way.

" Rachel's up to her old lies eh," She said almost angrily, " You would think she would have more respect for someone who died to save her and her child."

The End

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