Not Like MelissaMature


My shoes tapped noiselessly on the surface of the floor, eyes fixed on the grandfather clock that ticked quietly each second. Where was Melissa? She was supposed to have come fifteen minutes back. I picked up my phone, flipping her phone and once again called her to only have her not pick up as a reply. Maybe she's driving. I shrugged mentally. It could be.

I have no idea why I was so looking forward to seeing her. It had been awhile since I'd had any 'hang out' time with adults but since when have I properly socialized? I felt like I needed her advice, about the kids and about what I was doing to myself. Melissa always knew what to do.

When I heard three soft knocks on the door, I jumped to my feet and rushed to the entrance, opening it quickly. My eyes fell on a darkened Melissa. Her eyes were cast to the floor, brown hair unkempt as if she'd been running for blocks and the wind in her hair had caused the ruckus. She looked up at me, worry so evident in her eyes and before I could knew it, hurled a punch straight at my face.

Stumbling back at the sudden impact of her attack, I stared at her, eyes widening. "What's wrong with you?" I managed to whisper through mangled words, rubbing my jaw.

"What the hell is wrong with you? You sounded so urgent on the phone, like your life was on the line! As if -"

"I just wanted to hang out Mel," I cut in.

Her eyes narrowed into slits, hands on her hips as she glared at me with an anger I'd never seen before.

"So now you want to hang out me - your secretary? When you should be with your children?"

Something was seriously wrong. Melissa had never been one to get this angry or risk yelling at her own boss. It was more of the latter that convinced me that she was going through something as well. But what was it?

"Are you okay?" I asked.

Three words that seeemd to cause a new burst of emotions to run across her face. Looking down, she didn't answer my question. At least, not directly. "It's the 10th," she whispered.

I frowned in thought. What's special about the 10th?

Looking up when she hadn't recieved the reaction she'd been expecting, she added softly, voice shaking, "My parent's death anniversary Tom."

The End

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