Unraveling truths, Part 1Mature

 I set off to the bus stop late at night. I sat down on the bench with a small knap sack waiting for my ride. Suddenly I felt an urge to cry, mainly because of what I saw between my dad and Cole, the way he had that look I longed for. I shook myself out of my thoughts, not wanting to become some depressed fool. That's when I heard a familiar rumble and looked to see David's truck  zoom past me in the direction of the hospital.

My thoughts turned to Devyn and Nadia, I was getting worried now. Nadia had woken up minutes before I left and took the car out to see Devyn., and "talk" to him, and by talk I mean beat the living crap out of him. I sighed again,wtill waiting for my ride to get here.

And she did about five minutes later. Lacey rolled up in a minivan and I hopped in the passenger seat. I heard cooing in the back seat and turned around to see a 5 month old baby boy.

He had soft, fine black hair and dazzling baby blue eyes. I looked over at Lacey and she laughed softly turning to me as she maneuvered past a few stop signs.

" That's my son, " She said, eye sparkling dazzlingly, "Brandon." I smiled softly as Brandon cooed softly in the backseat, playing with his tiny feet. Lacey then slammed on the brakes and I jerked forward, hitting my head on the dash, hard. Brandon began to cry softly in the back seat and I heard Lacey leap out of the car, slamming the door, I finally managed to look up and see what she was moving towards. And my heart nearly stopped when I saw the scene.

Two men held Cole up against a tree, bleeding heavily. A third one wailed on him with a bat, I almost jumped out of the car but my head hurt too bad from the impact with the dashboard. Lacey ran at them and for a moment I thought she would be next, I was wrong. She pulled a gun from her pocket and I heard her scream at them and they all dropped to the ground sharply.

I finally got out, limping over as quickly as possible. Scooping up, Cole in my arms and plopping him down in the back seat, him possibly being unconcious but I couldn't tell. Lacey got back in the car, gun still aimed at them. She then sped off quickly back to her house. I took Cole and Gently dragged his now limp body into the house.

" Don't worry my mother's a nurse," She said, helping me lay Cole's body out on a couch "She'll help him." I looked over at her and she looked back and left to go grab her baby form the car.

My hand gripped Cole's and he tightened his grip on mine. I looked back up shocked and his eyes locked with mine an he smiled ever so softly. Then Lacey walked back in and set the baby in his high chair and looked back over at Cole, and did a double take and then dropped the glass of water she was holding.

"Cole is that..." She said softly, and recognition shown in Cole's eyes. Lacey moved over quickly and leaned over Cole, the beginnings of a tear in her eye.

" Little cousin," She said, her voice filling with emotion, "It's been far, far too long."

The End

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