A 'Pleasant' GoodbyeMature


The house was deadly silent after Cole had left. I sat, still and quiet on the couch in the living room, flicking through random shows playing on the television. They droned on in the background yet none of the sounds reached my ears as my mind floated off to a different place.

Nadia had left the house, taken the car and zoomed off in the direction of the hospital I presumed. Cole had mentioned some boyfriend-girlfriend drama taking place. I'd decided not to probe into it as a sudden change had taken place when Nadia had gotten back from her 'friends'. She certainly wasn't acting normal and whatever it was, my asking questions might only provoke her to feel worse.

And Dakota. He was a whole other and completely different case. I still had no idea how to interact with him after our last fight. It was clear that he continued to harbor negative feelings towards me, with him acting so cold and distant but that was no reason for a silence to exist between us. If at all, we should be patching things up.

Just when I was about to get up and head over to his room, in an attempt to fix things, he stormed down the stairs. He didn't even as give a small glance in my direction, jerking his coat off the hanger, eyes flickering to the watch on his hand.

"Dakota, where are you going?"

All I got in reply was silence. What more could I possibly have expected?

Before I could get a chance to stop him, even though I knew that would haven't changed anything, he opened the front door sharply, walked out and slammed it shut.

Sighing, I headed back to the couch, falling down on it as my hands covered my face in frustration. What now? Nadia was off at the hospital, Dakota had gone God knows where and I was stuck in my stupid house with no idea of what to do. That's when a name popped into my mind.


The End

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