I didn't eat any ice cream, when dad offered to buy me some, I coldly,yet politely turned him down, I just sat by Cole as they all chit chatted. It suprised me how distant Cole was to me but yet close to my family, it stung a bit but I didn't really care. I sat there bored and then looked at the card and cd, looking them over, and then I put the number in my phone, knowing full well what I was doing tomorrow.

 When we left I had no choice but to go home with them, no matter how much I wanted to just curl  up and die. And when we got to the house  Nadia waved Cole and dad in but made me stay out there to talk to her.

 "Dakota I- I need to ask you something" She searched for the words for a minute, "Do you- do you think Devyn would cheat on me?" I looked her in  the eyes and shook my head no, but she kept blubbering on how  she always saw Esther looking at him and him looking at her and then I finally gave her a heartfelt answer.

 " Nadia, who are you going to believe, your fake friends" I said gently, "or the one who's actually cared?" She then blubbered on about them having proof she was being cheated on. At that point I was tired of her blubbering so I pulled up this Esther chick's number and told her to come over here and show us her proof. When she got over here I'm pretty much sure my face was the color of a red apple.

 "Nadia, I'm sorry to be here so late but," She stifled a sob and handed her the phone dramatically, " You need to see this." When she handed my sister the phone I heard Nadia gasp as she read the messages, She handed me the phone and I read through a dozen messages of mushy crap that looked like cheap ass love letters.

 I was about to tell this girl off for faking crap like this when Nadia turned  a deep shade of red and ran in the house a crying mess, obviously to release some pain. Esther left and I went back inside to see  my dad talking with Cole, trying to pretend he had a son who hadn't tried to kill himself, or cut. Feeling rather hurt, and emotions boiling over, I went upstairs and cried.

 My pillow was soaked by the time I was over everything, and then I decided I needed to do something, I reached for my blade but then a thought struck my mind, and it was even better than cutting. So I pulled out my phone and punched in a number I'd now memorized.

The End

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