And agony ensues a perfect momentMature

 Her question really hit home, did I really hate my father? Or was it just trying to get him to notice me? Lacey smiled softly and put her hand on my shoulder, then rummaged through her purse quickly and brought out a small cd and a card.

 " I'm in a band, that's one of our cds," She said sweetly, " My numbers on that card if you ever need to talk Dakota, and it has my address too, come and visit us some time." Then she looked over at me and I saw in her eyes that she was completely sincere, she wanted me to come and visit her. So I nodded and she got up still smiling and whispered into my ear one last time.

 "Things will get better for you," She whispered, " I promise you." She then left smiling while I puzzled over what just happened. Apparently I had just met a beautiful singer, obviously married from the ring on her finger, and a beatiful person who made promises she knew absolutely  nothing of.

 I stopped myself there, because I just realized, I'd never told her my name and she knew it... Oh god I feel like I've just met a ghost now! Well This night has been eventful, first I try to mend wounds with dad, next I get pissed with him, resort to cutting, completely blow off my best friend and leave the house, and then pour my heart out to an apparent psychic.

 Well I'd had enough for one night and decided to go ahead back home before something else happened. And of course as I was leaving guess what? Something has to happen. Right after I got around the block, a convertable full of Nadia's "Friends" pulls up beside me blaring Katy Perry and squealing like rats.

 "Heeeeyyyyy Dakota! Oh my gosh Dakota where's Nadia." She said and I thought about ramming a crutch into her face, but I thought a snappy comeback was even better.

 "Oh I don't know have you checked the dimension of fairies yet?" I snapped back with anger in my voice hobbling along as their car followed me. Now I wasn't just getting annoyed, I was getting royally pissed off, and I'm not in the mood or physical state to be this pissed and confused at the same time. They continued to babble on about, how they wanted to apologize for their behavior, and they expressed their "sympathy" towards my broken bones.

 " Seriously Dakota, where's Nadia at," The one little tramp, Kacie was her name I think, tried to act serious, "There's something she needs to know, about her... relationship." I now had a burning rage in my stomach, how dare they try and ruin my sister's happiness! Especially with Devyn's being in the hospital, so I decided to tell them off.

 " Excuse me you stupid little whore," I said turning, and she looked shocked at my outburst, " But Devyn's in the hospital, half dead and I'm not going to let you lie about my best friend and I'm not about to let you ruin her happiness!"

 They all looked shocked, and that's about when Cole came around the corner looking worried, Nadia and Dad in tow. Great now my father's here to try and make up, just wonderful.

The End

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