Making PlansMature


I smiled at Nadia as a stricken expression ran across her face. I already knew the answer to my question and her hesitation of telling me this only made it more obvious. She didn't want to say it out loud because she thought I'd be offended, but seeing as I already knew the answer, I didn't want to pressure her.

Standing up, I was about to head over to the other side of the room with an idea in mind. I stopped shortly on the way, lightly patting Nadia on her shoulder in a reassuring manner.

"It's alright," I whispered. "I haven't been a good father and I never made enough time for my children. I accept that."

That fact only stimulated me more into imagining a great father-and-daughter date ahead of us. Squeezing her shoulder a last time, I headed over to the bunches of papers and folders that sat atop the several open compartments of my cupboard.

I could hear Nadia get up and follow me curiously, looking over my shoulder as I skimmed through the several files quickly.

"Are you looking for" Her question was reluctant and she dreaded hearing a 'yes' in response. But I shook my head at her, a small smile on my face.

"No, the exact opposite of that actually. Melissa had given me a lot of pamphlets and brochures on where to go with family to have a great time. She had high hopes of me actually using them, which I never did, I admit. But I guess now's the time to give it a go right?"

Nadia grinned, the happiness overwhelming her face as she beamed at me. I was a changed man to her, and to myself. I couldn't remember the last time I'd been so excited about going out with my family. This feeling was relatively new to me but I enjoyed it.

My hand slipped through another file, eyes searching for the familiar bright color of the file that I'd placed all those brochures in. When I was met by the yellow and plastic sight, I hurriedly pulled it out, causing a rather large papercut across my thumb.


"You okay Dad?" Nadia asked immediately, coming to my aid. Seeing the rather wide gash on my finger, she winced and said, "I'll be back with a bandaid."

Nodding, I watched her leave the room, then picked up the file as it had fallen to the floor. Opening it, I tumbled out its contents onto the desk. As I searched, my eyes scanned through the information on the different pages before finally settling in on one of them.

Grinning to myself, I knew it. I'd found the perfect place.

The End

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