I heard the soft knock on the door but didn't answer, I was lost in an ocean of emotions and memories. When Cole entered the room, the last line of blood rose up from my arm alongside the blade. He wasn't shocked in the least, he didn't even try to stop me, he just sat beside me and watched. Finally I stopped, satisfied with the 13 lines of crimson that now dripped down my arm.

 "Dakota," He said, softly trying to get me to respond, "Dakota, please you need to talk with your family, they're worried you hate them." I laughed softly, getting up and for the first time not watning Cole's company.

 "I need to get out of this house for a while," I said, grabbing my crutches and hobbling out of the room, "Maybe we can talk some other time." I managed to get down the stairs without breaking my neck, but when I got down there, I saw something that completely unnerved me, my father was actually weeping. I tore out of the house as quickly as possible, not wanting to deal with my family.

I had no direction, I was like a leaf in the wind, I just moved, leg feeling like it was made of glass. Finally I found myself in the middle of nowhere, the wind blew softly, an icy edge brushing black locks of hair into my eyes. It was some sort trail that lead into the woods, but there was a garden with flowers blooming like rainbows all around. I sat down on one of the concrete walls, exhausted from my leg.

 My memories were beginning to overwhelm me, and tears rimmed the edges of my eyes, I didn't want to go back to dad's, and I didn't want to go back to my mom's house, I was so overwhelmed with things right now. I was just about to force myself to pass out when I heard foot steps behind me, I turned softly to see a beautiful young girl, only about maybe 22 at the most. She saw me and smiled warmly, something that puzzled me.

 It was... the way she smiled like if I told her something, she would actualy care. She sat down next to me and I got a good look at her. She had  beautiful silky locks of black hair, bright blue eyes that looked like stars shining in the night. and she had a light tan that made her body almost shine like bronze. She sat down and I looked her in the eyes, I think she saw the emotions rimming over in my eyes.

 " My names Lacey," She said, " You look... Hurt you ok?" I nodded laughing softly knowing the lie I was telling might be the death of me. What she said next though suprised me, and shook me at the same time.

 " I know you're not telling the truth," She spoke softly, truthfully, " I've been through enough hurt to know when someones at their emotional end." At those words I broke down and spilled everything, she listened and at the end, I wondered why I had just released so much personal information to a complete stranger. Then I realized why when she spoke her last sentence.

 " You have every right to hate your father honestly." I was shocked, because everyone I talked to, even if I was close to them said I should love him, and she just told me I was right in what I was doing? But her last sentence sent a chilling question into my mind.

 " But you don't really hate him," She said turning to me softly, seriously, "Do you?"

The End

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