Sewing the woundsMature

 " There's still something we need to face," I said My eyes fighting hard against the tears that were at hand, " The reason I have all these scars." He looked perplexed for a minute, but then he realized what I meant. His entire face took on the color of snow.

 " Why did you dismiss my story about Travis so easily?" I asked, just that man's name made me want to crawl into a dark corner and get in the fetal position. I waited for my father to reply, this was something I needed to hear, and I need to hear it now. But he didn't reply very soon, and when he did, I choked back cuss words that almost went flying.

 "Because," He said looking over at me, ashamed, "That man was my friend Dakota, and he still is, and you weren't convincing me at all." I looked back over at him, the fury seeping back into my veins again, it felt like my blood was quite literally boiling. I glared back over at him, teary eyed trying to comprehend what he just said.

 "Oh so you were unconvinced by your own son," I said in disbelief, " Your own son, crying, sobbing and completely heartbroken?" I was raising my voice now, but in my personal opinion, it was justified. He looked down, trying hard to find the words to say, and when he did, I couldn't control my anger, at all.

 "Dakota, you have to understand," He said, " I wasn't concerned about it, quite frankly I was too tired from work to care." I was done now, the conversation had been going well before this, but now it took a downward turn.

 " So you were too damn tired to care about your own son," I said, tears streaming down my fave now in hatred, "Dad, I-I can't deal with this all, okay! I didn't lie," I looked over at him and closed my eyes in longing for what could've been.

 " You're the one who's lied to me all this time," I shook my head softly as I spoke, " Remember all those broken promises, those were lies." He looked shocked at my frankness, my heart was in pieces right now, and there was only one thing that could sew the wounds back together.

 "Dad I need to be alone," I said waving him off, " Please, just- just go we can talk again some other time." As soon as he was out of the room, I began sewing the wounds.

 Because only blood could cover the emotions that were overwhelming me right now. 

The End

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