Family MeetingMature


Happiness washed over me when I felt Nadia hug me back. For the first time in years, my daughter had embraced me like she really loved and cared. Tears of joy came to my eyes and I gulped back the next cascade that just might spill over. Now wasn't the time for tears.

Stepping back, Nadia gave me a small but encouraging smile. "You'll be fine Dad. I know you will. He will help us."

Nadia's faith in God restored my own and I returned the smile. But it was short-lived.

"So what about Dakota?" She asked.

Groaning internally, I replied, "I should probably tell him the news as well." Sighing, I laughed dryly, "He'll probably be clapping his hands in joy when he hears I have disease. It's going to be his dream come true."

Nadia shook her head furiously and said, "He won't be Dad. He still loves you."

Of course he does.

I shrugged at Nadia, moving over to the couches as I said over my shoulder, "Do me a favor and call him down for me. I might as well break the news to him now, before I change my mind."

Without a word, she left the room and I could hear her footsteps as she walked away. Within seconds, another set of footsteps joined hers. Turning around, I met the eyes of Dakota. His lips were pulled into a thin line and he seemed to be fidgeting, as if he didn't want to be here. I didn't blame him.

Sighing internally, I decided not to beat around the bush and just tell him. "Dakota, while I was at the hospital, my doctor called me in. And he gave me ba-, he gave me some news." I rephrased, knowing this might have the opposite effect than it had on Nadia. "I have heart disease."

The End

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