Showdown of the heartlessMature

 I was ready to kill Alex in all honesty, if someone would have handed me a knife right then and there, I would have killed him without any remorse. Unfortunately though Rachel decided to take her turn chewing out her sons. She stepped forward looking at both her sons with pure, evil, distaste.

 "Look you little brats," She said, it with malice bouncing off her tongue coldly, " You'd better be glad I don't turn you into the juvenile detention center! Faking injury just to defy  your elders! The nerve of it all!" I stood up rising a few inches above Rachel, I was done with this bull shit. If she wanted to be a heartless bitch, I could surely meet her on equal terms.

 " Excuse me?" I snarled, "But your evil bastard of a husband is what made them have to come here!" She looked suprised as I continued with my angry speech.

 " So listen here hun, take a tip," I said getting up in her face, "And dump your piece of trash husband back wherever you found him and take care of the people who really matter!" I paused somewhat out of breath and the whole room was shocked that I could get anywhere near that angry. Unfortunately though Rachel came out of that shock quickly, not giving me much time to think.

 " Excuse me!" She fired back, "But the only pieces of trash in this room are the four delinquents standing in front of me, this man has given me everything I've ever wanted!" Nadia looked appalled, Cole and Devyn looked hurt, and Alex looked pleased with his toy's response.

 " Yeah and guess what it all cost," I was turning redder now than I already was, "You sold your soul to the devil for that man, and you sold your children's safety AND their happiness!" I was hardly able to keep my crutches from connecting to the bitch's mouth, the nerve she had to say all this was unbelievable.

 "Excuse me you little emo brat," She was yet again in my face, "But those boy's took MY happiness and part of my life! So it's none of your fucking business what I do!" I was honestly about to beat the living crap out of her when Melissa came in with dad, looking very upset, and then they stopped dead when they saw Rachel and Alex.

 I shot Dad a look and it took him a moment to process, but he got what was going on and I motioned for Cole and Nadia to go with him, Alex gave Cole a murderous glare and I sa Cole shrink down until Dad got in between them, clutching Devyn by the shoulder and leading him out.

 Rachel glared at Devyn then to me and Left without saying another word, Alex following behind  as they left. Devyn let out his breath and I sat down achingly into the chair and texted Dad to let Cole stay at his house for a while, and that I'd explain things when I got home.

 For now at least, Cole and Devyn were safe. But a part of me wondered for just how long this safety would last.


The End

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