When I heard Devyn had arrived at the hospital and was being treated, no one questioned my choice to go and see how he was doing. They got me some clothes and after a few minutes of wrestling with my cast, Melissa began to walk me down slowly towards Devyn's room. My leg hurt like hell, but my heart hurt even worse when I got into the room and saw Devyn.

He was absolutely mangled to say the very least, his hairline was dotted with deep, indigo bruises. His golden hair was caked with grimy brown blood. He had a black eye and the other one was closed shut. You could see the blood stains underneath his nose,that you could tell immediately was broken.

Nadia was bent over in her seat, mascara smeared all over her eyes. Her body racked with tiny sobs as she held Devyn's hand, his cold, bloodied hand. Just looking at it made my skin crawl as I saw the massive scars and bruises massing onto one piece of flesh. Cole slipped his hand into mine, and it was shaking worse than an autumn leaf. He handed me something, slipping his hand out of mine swiftly so I could see what his phone read.

 I'm coming to the hospital, Alex is coming with me, and we are going to have a VERY long talk with you and your brother. My hands shook as I read the text, I wouldn't let Cole and his brother be hurt anymore than they already were. I closed my eyes and focused my mind on what to do, Alex wouldn't hesitate to kill me if I flat out attacked him, and I was in no shape to even try that approach.

 Then I got an idea, if I could just keep them diverted away long enough for dad to get back in the room, he might be able to get them to leave and Cole could stay the night back at the house and so could Devyn when he was well enough to leave the hospital. That was the only thing I could think of that wouldn't end up in any blood spill. I explained my plan to Nadia, Cole, and a half conscious Devyn, we all agreed that would probably the best solution we could take at the moment.

 Nadia was still half in tears when the two monsters arrived. Rachel, Cole's mother had long dirty blond hair tied up in an ugly  ponytail, She wore a tight black skirt and wore 6 inch high heels. Alex was in an overly tight wife beater that made some of his fat roll out from underneath it, He had short black hair and beady brown eyes that made me sick. He looked angry until he saw Nadia and then He smiled looking her up and down and licked his lips.

 "Well hello there little lady," He said his voice was thick like honey, " What's your name?" If there was ever a time I wanted to kill this man, it was now. First he treats Cole and Devyn like shit, nearly beats Devyn half to death and now he was hitting on my sister. I Clenched an unclenched my fists around the handles on my crutches and bit my tongue down, Hard.

The End

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