No! Not Devyn!Mature


"No! Not Devyn!" I screamed as I saw Devyn lying there. He was on the couch, mangled by the blood and bruises. "Why, God? Is this how You repay me for forgiving my dad?" I swore, something that I never did. Wrapping Devyn in my arms, I sobbed. 

Devyn didn't stir. He'd probably passed out long ago. For his sake, I didn't want him to come to. I felt my hair tumble down around Devyn's face as I held him and cried.

I heard a low rumble in Devyn's throat, and I could tell he was trying to speak. He must have woken from his blackness.

"Your hair smells good," I heard Devyn whisper.

"Oh, baby," I sobbed, kissing his face and trying to still Devyn's hand as he stroked my hair. "Don't move," I said, through my torrent of tears. "You'll only hurt yourself."

"Don't be scared for me, Nadia," Devyn whispered, and he kissed my hand. "Right after he beat me..."

I shook my head, trembling from head to toe. "Don't try to talk, Devyn. It'll only hurt you."

"I found Him," Devyn whispered, and he kissed my hand again. "I found God. And Nadia...He wants me to come home."

I knew what Devyn meant, and I couldn't stop from crying out. "No, not you, Devyn! God doesn't want you to come home! Not yet! I need you! I need you! Surely God knows that!"

"I don't want to be here anymore, Nadia. I don't want to go through this anymore."

"You have to, Devyn. You have to! Do it for me, Devyn! Stay alive for me!"

I slumped over and wept.

The End

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