The only thing I don't regretMature

I waved Melissa out, this needed to be a private affair, just Cole and I. When She left Cole pulled out his phone clicked on a few buttons and then handed it to me. I watched a small video clip, but that was enough to make me nearly go back into my coma. The video was of Alex beating Devyn half to death.

Alex came at him with a vengeance, throwing him on the floor and beating him with a thick leather belt. Alex hadn't noticed Cole was there, probably because he was too drunk to notice. When the brutality had stopped Cole had to duck back in his room as Devyn limped back to the room, blood staining his clothes and eyes stained with tears that made them puff out along with the bruises, that's where the video stopped.

"After the video stopped Devyn nearly ended up here with you," Cole spoke softly, "He passed out and I couldn't get him to wake up for nearly an hour, and when he did I had to help him with his clothes and he cried himself to sleep he was in so much pain." I was shocked, My anger began to boil over again and my head began to throb. I laid it back and Cole brought me my glass of water before I could black out.

In a blind fit of rage I sent the video to Nadia, with a text that said "Go see your boyfriend, NOW!". Pleased I shut the phone hard and gave it back to Cole finally releasing the words I've been wanting to say.

"I shoudn't have tried to kill myself," I huffed angrily, "Because If I'd suceeded then I wouldn't be able to kil; your asshole of a step dad." Cole looked over kind of shocked, I looked over at him and he spoke.

"Dakota, you couldn't even kick him in your state right now," He said skeptically, "And you're talking about killing him?" I looked over and I could tell he saw the flame in my eye. The flames then spread like a wildfire from my tongue.

"You're the only thing in this life I don't hate," I said pissed at how horrible a person Alex was, " and meeting you was the only thing in my life that I don't hold regret over." Cole stopped dead, I didn't though because I was being absolutely truthful. After all the horrible parents, jealousy, abuse, and drugs, Cole was really the only thing in my life I didn't want to burn down.

Cole just stopped, he didn't move and he didn't talk. He only resumed these things when his phone buzzed. And the caller I.D. was Nadia, and Oh God was she upset...

The End

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