Done letting my heart breakMature

I layed there, completely void of any emotion. I didn't care what dad wanted anymore, it was what I NEEDED right now that truly mattered.  That of course was to ignore him for as long as possible. He should have just left, because for an hour and a half I said nothing, the only thing breaking the silence was my breathing.

"Dakota please..." He put his hand on my shoulder, "Just give me a chance..." I was now furious with this man, why couldn't he just give up already!

"You had plenty of chances," I said it bluntly, not hiding my anger, "You made your choices, and those choices have consequences." A part of me though wanted to be his son, but that part was drowned out by the rest of my being. He seemed taken aback, not suprisingly though he continued.

" I don't care how long it takes Dakota," He said softly rubbing my sore shoulder, "I'll wait for you to love me again." Nadia walked back in the room just in time to hear my angry outburst that startled both of them out of their skin.

"Well guess what you'll be waiting until either you or I die!" I growled, "Because I lost any bit of love I had for you two years ago when you took the side of the man who raped me!" They both stared at me in complete and utter shock. I didn't care how much it hurt them because I'd taken more than I could bear anymore.

"And you," I said glaring over at Nadia, "Always the perfect little girl, you've always been the favorite, and I've always had to fight to be any more than furniture!"  My eyes teared over as I let out my inner most feeling. Nadia looked shocked, while dad looked like he was going to start balling like a baby at any moment.

"I-You-you weren't lying?" He asked about to fall apart at my single word and when I nodded remembering the memory of my abuse. Dad's color drained from his face at the realization of his horrible mistake. He bent down low and didn't say another word. Nadia looked down and put her hand on dad's back rubbing it softly as he possibly cried or possibly contemplated my grounding for another so called "Lie".

Either way I didn't care I rolled back over and closed my eyes, hoping that maybe I would luck out and not wake up. Unfortunately though I did, and the only person in the room was the nurse. I sighed and rolled back over when there was the sound of footsteps and I turned to see Cole, Dad, and strangely enough Melissa.

Cole's eyes were glassy as he embraced me softly, not saying a single word, but I knew exactly what was wrong, and I knew exactly who'd caused it. If I ever got the strength to walk again, I would shove my foot up Alex's ass as far as it would go.

The End

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