Awake AgainMature

 I stayed like that for so long, it felt like hours when it was only minutes, but I didn't want it to end. Unfortunately though it did, he whispered something in my ear that I couldn't hear, something about a man named "Matt Schroeder". Then I opened my eyes and I was seeing blurry images of a hospital room. I looked around and found myself in a hospitl gown on a bed.

 I heard a gasp and I saw dad and his assistant in the hallway. Dad rushed in and I immediatley felt smothered as he peppered me with questions like: "Are you ok?" "Do you need anything?". Finally I got fed up and spoke for the first and last time.

 "Shut up,"  My eyes met his in a cold glare, "I'm not in the mood to talk.". That shut him up immediately. Then I laid my head back and waited, for what I don't really know honestly. Maybe I was just waiting to go back into the coma that I knew would never come.

 Finally the doctor came in looking suprised to see me up. He asked how I felt and he filled out chart and lifted up the blankets on the bed to reveal my mangled leg, it was in a brace but it still hurt like hell.

 "Well Mr. Green you broke your leg when you hit the water," He said looking me in the eye, "You're lucky you didn't die." I laughed and he glared at me and I glared back. Then the racket came and Nadia walked inside holding Devyn's hand tight, I looked up at the clock and it read 8pm.

 When Nadia saw I was awake she teared up and held her hands up to her mouth. Devyn smiled at me as the doctor moved out of the room as Nadia embraced me softly. She cried softly and I let her, still not uttering a single word, I was in no mood to talk to my sibling, or anyone in my family for that matter.

 Unfortunately for me though,  they all timed this tearful meeting at the same time as mom stumbled in drunk. I looked at her in shock but still didn't say anything, she looked over at me with a look of disgust, the kind that made me feel completely useless and unwanted.

 "You little brat," She stumbled on the words, "I can't believe you! Trying to kill yourself!" Then she rambled on about how I was useless, and every time she said useless my heart cracked into even smaller pieces than it was already in. Then she said something that made my heart almost stop.

  "If only I would've just had Nadia!" She howled "Maybe then my life wouldn't be so horrible because you wouldn't have screwed it up!" Tears flowed freely down my cheeks now, I wanted to leave, go back to where Jesus was and be with him already. I understood now, she'd never loved me she hated me.

 And honestly, I felt the same way about her and the rest of my family.

The End

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