The tears of the sonMature

My sobbing was suddenly drowned out by screams of agony and loud jeering. I looked and saw a crowd of men and women, dressed like romans.  What is this a passion play? Then I realized, this was no play.

 I walked over slowly to where the crowd was gathered. As I moved forward I saw three diffrent crosses, each with a man hanging upon it. My eyes focused on the one in the middle, his eyes... they were boring straight into me. I stared back in amazement, all the others from my visions they... they never noticed me, but he did.

He had huge gaping wounds all across his body that oozed blood groggily down them. That's when the entire sky grew a dark shade of gray that was... unearthly to say the least. The man then whispered, but it carried all the way to my ears and it sents chills racking hard down my spine.

"Father forgive them for they know not what they do," He then lifted his eyes, which were bloodshot from all the tears, "It is done." Then much to my dismay, his head dropped, lifeless.

 The earth then shook, as if someone bigger than it was grabbing it by the throat and then shaking it harshly. I was knocked off my feet and I saw people fleeing as quickly as they could get up. I managed to finally get up, I was shaken beyond the description of words, and ever so slowly I mde my way towards the man. I was right below him when a soldier appeared beside me with a spear.

 He jabbed it into this man's sides and suddenly my face was wet, not from blood, but of water. My tears welled over as the man fell to his knees and spoke in pure disbelief and horror.

 "This man was truly the son of God..." he said and I strayed closer to the cross and touched the man, who I now realized as jesus's side. It was pierced and when I removed it blood stained my hands and I felt sick.

 I looked back up and the rain began to pour down, a symbol of heaven's sadness, and I suddenly winged men appeared around me, tears pouring from their eyes as they slowly touched the man and began to fall to their knees and ball their eyes out.

 Then it was all gone, and before me stood the mann I'd seen on that old tree, before me ALIVE I might add. He was smiling softly and I moved towards him.

 "I've waited a long time to see you again," His voice was so gentle it calmed my very soul, "My dear child." I looked at him in disbelief and took a step back in slight fear, shaking my head and he looked sad.

 " They've hurt you so much..." His voice trailed off softly, "Your father and the rest of your family." I nodded uncertainly, still wary of this may just being an illusion, I didn't want to waste my hopes on such a petty thing.

 " Who are you?" I asked, voice shaking because I already knew the answer. He looked slightly puzzled at this.

 "We both know who I am Dakota," His speaking of my name gave me chills, "Or is my standing right here before you not enough proof of my existence?" I Looked down ashamed, because of all those horrible things I'd said about him.

 "I never abandoned you," He contin ued and I saw images of me crying myself to sleep, and he was right there the entire time, "Despite what you think."

 "Can you make it go away?" I asked, my voice cracking, " All this pain? Because I"m ready to die to get rid of it." He nodded and I stopped, finally expiriencing something I hadn't felt in quite some time, Hope.

 "Your father has hurt you more than words can say," He said moving towards me, "But I will be a better father to you than any human could ever be." Then he touched me.

 All at once my heart collapsed at something I had almost never experienced, a father's love. I finally cried away my past and my broken heart, it was something cutting could never do, I felt like I was finally protected from my life.

The End

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