The Morning AfterMature


The sunlight streamed in powerful beams through the mass of the glass windows. It pierced my eyelids, forcing me awake. Groaning, I sat up on the couch and looked around. Memory had failed me and for a short while, I was trying to recollect all that had happened.

Then it came back in my mind, as clear as ever. Dakota's accident, Melissa's breakdown, and my coming to an empty house last night. Sighing, I stood up and stretched, popping a few joints before heading towards the kitchen. I still felt clueless as I had before I'd dozed off to sleep. What would I do?

That thought had imprinted itself into one of the main parts of my mind, a constant reminder of how crappy my life had grown over the past few years. Sighing, I plopped down on one of the seats in the kitchen area, helping myself to some cereal.

My eyes flickered to the clock. It was barely eight in the morning yet. I bet Nadia wasn't awake yet. Besides, what time had she came in last night? Pausing mid-way through my meal, I dumped the contents of the bowl, not having an appetite.

Instead, I sneaked over to her room, trying not to make any noise and peeked in through a small crack. I saw a small crumpled figure underneath the covers of the blanket. Smiling lightly to myself, I took a few steps into her bedroom and sat down on the chair.

I needed to talk to Nadia about everything. And I'd wait for her to wake up so we could do just that.

The minutes passed by slowly but I waited in patience. What would I say to her? I had a lot to apologise before but before things get worse in my life, I wanted to fix my problem with Nadia. I needed her support the most.

A sudden movement from the bed got my attention and I looked over. Nadia moved out from under the covers, stretching her arms as she blinked to adjust to the light in the room. Her eyes met mine and widened in surprise but she didn't say anything to me.

We sat there in silence for a while, just staring and daring the other to speak first. But finally, I broke it, not knowing where this conversation would take me.

The End

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