I'm Not A LiarMature

  My vision was one of me, only two years ago. I had been part of the basketball team, I was actually really good. As I looked I saw the desperation in my eyes as I pleaded for my father to come to what would absolutely be the biggest match of the season.

  " Dad please!" I begged, "We hardly ever spend time together, could you come just this once? Please?" My dad looked over at me with a little pity and sighed.

 " Ok son I'll go" He said filing a few papers, " Who knows maybe I'll see you make a slam dunk." I smiled and headed off to school. My dream self was at the verge of collapsing, this memory... I wish it would just die alongside me and never have been made.

 The scene shifted to that night, I was walking out onto the court the game beginning. There wa no sign of my father, and he never appeared, neither did Nadia.

 Finally I ended the game, scoring the winning basket. But I was nowhere near happy, I didn't even stay for the celebration. I just took a shower got on my jacket and left. 

 I was walking down the road towards my father's house, not caring how cold it was. Finally only a quarter of the way there a car I recognized pulled up beside me.  It was one of my dad's college friends, Travis, in  his shiny truck.

 "Dakota why are you out here in the cold?" He asked, I just shook my head and he motioned for me to get in and I did, "I'll drive you back home, it's too cold to be walking."

 I had began to explain to him how I had won the game but my father didn't show up to be there forn me. He expressed his sympathy, but then I noticed something not right. We were nowhere near the way to my house, he finally parked in a driveway and I turned to him.

 "This isn't my dad's house-" That's as far as I got before my consciousness was taken as his fist connected to my head. I had awoken to being in immense pain, I felt hard body heat behind me and when I tried to moved I felt my legs and arms bound together. I felt Travis's hand slip onto my shoulder and he whispered in my ear.

 "So your mad with your father?" He askd as his hands touched where they weren't meant to, "Oh well, I'll be your new daddy..." I looked upon the scene with horror, because now, I saw what Cole meant exactly by lust. This man took every ounce of innocence and emotion out of me, just so he could get some sick pleasure. Finally he finished and made me put some clothes on shoved me in his truck and then drove me back to my dad.

  When we arrived he spouted lies to my father, who had worked through my game. That he had caught me drunk at a party, and I'd gotten into a fight with some kid. He then left me there with an angry father and most of all a torn up, dead heart. My father and I got into it, I told him what truly happened but Travis's web of lies was too thick for him to see through.

 "Dakota, that is my friend," He said angrily, "And just because you want attention because I didn't come to your a game, doesn't mean you have to slander his name with lies."

 " I'm not lying," I was pleading  now for him to believe, "Please dad, you've got to believe me!" But he didn't, he sent me up to my room, grounded. My  dream self was doubled over in tearful mourning, mourning for myself, and mourning for the love for my father that I'd lost that night.

The End

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