Alone for the NightMature


When I arrived back at the condo, I entered it to see darkness all around me. At first assumptions, I'd thought that Nadia must have gone to bed but when I checked her room, the bed was made up with no signs of her actually having been there.

Sighing, I retreated back to the living room where I collapsed onto one of the couches. I turned on the TV but the shows running on it were of no interest to me as I closed my eyes and thought back to the events of the day.

Dakota was in a coma. Nadia was out feeling like God knows what. And here I am, resenting every mistake I'd been making over the past few years. I'd been facing the fact that everything that had led my family up to this point was a result of my carelessness. First, with my wife, then with my kids.

And now, I was trying to patch things up again but it just never worked. It was past the point of fixing and knowing that made me feel helpless. But a hope still lived on inside me. A part of me believed it to be faith in God, that He was watching over me and would definitely help my family be together again. Another part of me considered it a fool's dream - things would never be the same, not after all that had happened today.

Maybe some of those times in the past,when Dakota had still loved me and called me 'dad' with a meaning in his words, I should have listened. I'd been too caught up in my own career to tend to family. And now it was the other way around...

Sighing once more, I rolled over to my side. My thoughts succumbed me into a lonelineness I hadn't felt before, overshadowing that small glimmer of hope in my heart. I didn't want to believe things would get better because when I did, it only ended in disappointment.

The End

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