Daddy's little boyMature

 I opened my eyes and suddenly I was standing outside a hospital room, I could see inside, and in there I saw a young  woman holding a tiny blue bundle in her arms while a man stood by her side. My first thought was Where the hell am I? I should be dead, not standing watching some stupid soap opera.

 Then it hit me, I must have been dreaming in a coma or something. I took another look at the scene and my heart completely skipped a beat, mom had a picture of this somewhere... This was when I was first born. I could tell because the man now holding the baby looked like a very young version of my father. I didn't know what was happening to me, had I gone insane? I looked at the man again and this time he was speaking and lookig down at the baby.

 "- Finally, my own little boy," His eyes sparkled as he spoke, "Daddy loves you buddy." My eyes teared up and I tried to open the door, I wanted to scream and howl at this liar. I wanted to save my younger self from the agony he'd face, but the door didn't budge so I was left there screaming and crying, crying for all my father's lies and for all the broken promises.

 " I'm so happy Thomas," My mother, sounded weak as they placed my younger self down, "I already love him Nadia's going to be so happy!" She was crying into my father's arms with tears of joy, my father then kissed my mother softly and brushed away her hair.

 " I love you baby," He said striking that stupid love sick pose, " You'll always be my one and only." My eyes welled over with tears and I pounded on the ground as hard as I could, hoping to get there attention so I could tell them the truth. They would only be together for 5 more years, Tabitha Green would begin doing drugs in three years, and Thomas Green would begin an affair in one year.

 I wanted so bad to take myself away from this... I wanted to never have been born, to never have to face my parent's passing down their self destruction. I- I wanted to make myself be able to believe I should live. Unfortunately though, this was the past and I couldn't change it, no heartbreak in the world could do that.

 The door creaked open as a nurse walked in and I followed behind slowly. None of them looked at me, I doubt they could even see me. I looked down at the baby as he started to cry the nurse handed him to my mother and then began asking questions, tons of stupid junk, except for one question.

  "What are you naming him?" She asked and my parents looked at each other and finally my father spoke with a grin.

 "Dakota, Dakota Belton Green." He said happily he then took me from my mother's arms, "You'll  always be daddy's precious baby boy." I wanted to slap him as hard as I could for the lies he was telling, I choked back a sob as my younger self let out a small almost satisfied smile.

The End

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