Just 'Fine'Mature


Time went slow, each second seeming like an eternity as I paced back and forth down the cramped room of the hospital, waiting to hear the results. I would never have thought that Dakota would have gone to the extent of attempting suicide, I'd never known he hated his life so much...that he hated me so much.

But standing here, inside this sickening hell of a hospital, reality came crashing down on me, the impact leaving me shocked and devestated. Melissa's eyes were fixed on me as she sat next to Nadia who was lying on the bed. If I hadn't known better, I would have said Nadia looked at peace in her sleep. But nightmares awaited her consciousness, it awaited all of ours.

"Tom, don't overwork yourself, you might-"

"Have a panic attack? Have a heart attack? I might as well than live this hell that I call life," I spat at her, each word shaking. Melissa didn't say anything more, she knew better than to provoke these little outbursts of anger.

All I wanted to know was my son's status, I just needed to hear the word that he'd live. God, would that be too much to ask for?

I heard the doors of the room open and turned around to meet the calm face of the doctor who approached me slowly. "He'll be fine," he said, and happiness flooded into me, reassuring my heart that had only just been in the verge of shattering to a million pieces. "But..."

My features hardened as I glared at the doctor who seemed to hesitate on how to say this.

"But what?"

"Mr. Green, your son is in a coma." He paused, waiting for the reaction that he didn't get before continuing, "We don't know for how long he might be in this state but we believe that hearing your voices of family and friends might help him come back. But he'll be fine, I assure you he'll be-"

Before I could have any resistance over myself, my hand reached out and grabbed the collar of the doctor's shirt, slamming him back against the wall. I heard Melissa shout and immediately come to my side, trying to get me to loosen up but I didn't.

"You don't tell me he's fine. You don't know anything about being fine," I hissed, stressing on each word before letting go and stepping back. Melissa stood in between us, to prevent me from attacking him again but I'd had enough.

I walked out of the room, just wanting to get out of this place.

I wanted a normal life. I didn't care if I was rich or poor, I didn't give a damn anymore. I just wanted a decent family, a good life.

It felt like I would never have one, especially not after this.

The End

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