My Little BrotherMature


Well, that week officially set a record for the Fletcher family - three family members in a hospital within less than seven days. While I was being discharged from the hospital for a minor concussion to my head that Dakota had inflicted, I found out Dakota was being rushed into the hospital for a suicide attempt. 

The first thing that popped into my mind was, Now it's Mom's turn to go to the hospital. The second thought was, Oh, my word! Dakota's in the hospital for a suicide attempt?!

As Dad left Melissa to help me, I felt the shock sink into my stomach. No, no, no! Not Dakota, too! And a suicide attempt? The thought was too alarming for words. I found myself following my dad down the hallways, despite the fact that I myself was still pretty shaky on my feet. Melissa was coming, too. I didn't know how Dakota would feel about that - if he was still alive.

"Nadia, slow down! You're going to pass out again if you're not careful," Melissa called after me, but I wasn't paying attention. All I cared about was the fact that my brother - my sweet, pig-headed brother - was in the hospital by his own doing. My body screamed at me to stop running, but my heart was in control this time. This time, I wouldn't leave my brother alone.

Because Dakota was in such critical condition, I wasn't allowed to go into his room. I heard doctors buzzing around inside, getting him this and giving him that, desperately trying to keep my little brother alive. I sat outside, hyperventilating and willing myself not to pass out again.

Melissa stood beside me, stroking my back. "It's gonna be okay."

No, it's not gonna be okay. That's my little brother in there, dying! That's my Dakota in there! He tried to kill himself! I buried my head in my hands, too weary and confused to cry. All I could do was think about how badly my head and my heart hurt.

I was vaguely aware of somebody helping me up so I could find a place to lie down, and even though my feet propelled my body forward, my mind was still back in the hospital room where Dakota was. 

I didn't walk far before blackness overcame me once again.

The End

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