Dad burst open my door as I put on the best clothes I had, I looked over at him and then refocused on what I was doing. I wouldn't let him ruin me anymore, he had no right to be my father honestly. He looked puzzled as I pushed past him softly not carrying anything with me.

     "Dakota what are you doing?" he asked, "Why are you-" I threw my words over my shoulders as I walked down the stairs which were now dripping with blood from my step father.

      "It's none of your business," I shot over my shoulder, "So just go to hell and stay there." I texted Cole to meet me over by bridge, that I had something to tell him that couldn't wait, and honestly it couldn't.

      When I arrived there Cole was already there and waiting for me, looking a little puzzled. We chatted for a little bit and then I stood abruptly and embraced him tightly tears falling ever so softly.

        "Uh Dakota, what's wrong," Cole asked as I moved away from them, "Because I know you didn't call us here for small talk." I smiled softly and stepped up onto the side of the bridge to where I could see the water far, far below.

        "I called to say goodbye," I said and I heard Cole scramble up, "I'm tired of living with liars, abusers, druggies, and christians who think the world's all about them."  I looked over at Cole who was pleading desperately for me not to do it, not to be this selfish, I looked over teary eyed.

       "I'm sorry Cole, I know this is selfish but..." My voiced trailed off as his was eveloped in sobs and pleading, "I need the pain to stop, and this is the only true solution..." I looked over at him and my tears escaped slowly as I realized this would be my my final sight, the sight of the only person who truly cared.

      "Thank you for being there Cole," I said, "You're the only thing that makes me regret this." I stepped off the edge, I heard Cole crying and screaming above, then there was a horrible cracking as my body hit the water.

      It felt like every bone in my body snapped though I knew it wasn't true. My body floated on the water, carried by the current I thought of why I decided to do this. I didn't want to wake up and have th exact same thing happen day after day. I was sick of not having a father, I was sick of being abused, but most of all I was sick of those God delusions and I was sick of Nadia being the favorite child.

     I looked up and saw the blood in the water, I sighed inwardly because I was in too much pain to think for too long, led alone do a physical activity. I felt my body hit something and my body stopped bobbing down the river. I looked slightly and saw my body was caught along a log near a small island. I closed my eye, I wanted to die already, there's no use staying here, I was worthless.

    After about ten minutes I heard voices and saw EMTs running towards me, Cole behind them yelling frantically into a phone, to who was more than likely my father. Soon enough I was on a stretcher, hardly breathing and not even wanting to. Cole sat next to me watching me intently. He was sobbing softly and I felt horrible, I shouldn't have made him see that.

    Finally I started seeing darkness and I moved my hand softly, feeling immense pain when I did. I heard Cole gasp and grab it, He enclosed both his hands around it as the world finally faded away. I hoped this would be the final time I woke up.

The End

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