Releasing the AngerMature


Before I could take control of what was going on around me, Dakota stepped forward and hit Nadia hard on the head. She immediately lost conciousness, toppling back against Melissa who supported her and kept her from falling to the ground.

"That's right, you all go turn against each other," mocked the man who I so wanted to beat up right now. "Your lives are all fucked up so bad that -"

I couldn't suppress the rage that coursed through my veins, I took a sudden step forward, my hand clutching his shirt tightly before my fist made hard contact against jaw. It wasn't just a punch to me as I glared at him as he fell to the floor, groaning in pain. No, this was more than just that.

All my frustration, all the anger that I'd been holding had been released in that one blow. But I wanted to do more than just punch that bastard. I wanted to kill him. For ruining my life, for ruining my children's, and now making a joke of it.

Just as I took a step forward to give him another hard blow, I felt Melissa's hand wrap tightly around my wrist, yanking me back.

"Thomas, don't," she warned, her voice shaking unevenly.

"Let go. You have nothing to do with this," I hissed at her but Melissa shook  her head to herself.

"You're making a mistake. Forget about him. What about Nadia and Dakota?" I looked into Melissa's dark eyes for a second before my gaze swerved to meet Nadia who was lying back against the couch. A dark bruise was starting to form near the right corner of her forehead, the result of the blow to her head.

I searched the room for Dakota, but he was no where in sight. "Where's-"

"I think I saw him to go his room," Melissa said.

I hurried, crossing the apartment in swift strides. But as my hand gripped the cool metal of the doorknob, trying to open it, I realized he'd locked it from the other side.

No, this couldn't be happening.

I will not lose him, I will not be the cause of another deep scar he inflicted upon himself.

I had to bust the door open before anything worse could happen.

The End

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