A lion's den full of vulturesMature

 The second I got in the door David back handed me in the back of the head to the point where I saw stars. I was trying to get up when He got down almost on top of me and gripped my neck as hard as he could while I struggled to pry it off. He leaned down and hissed in my ear softly.

 "You want a beating you little brat?" he asked, and I could see a stack of cocaine needles stacked up by the couch, "Well I'll be happy to oblige you." He then pushed me up againt a wall and began wailing on me with his fists. Blood dripped from my nose and mouth onto the carpet. When he finally dropped me I coughed trying hard not to pass out or even worse cry.

 The tears make him even angrier, makes him want even more blood on his hands. I stayed on the floor and finally managed to get up as he walked over ot his needles and began injecting the full ones. He looked over at me annoyed and pointed to my room.I gave no implication of the pain I was in as I forced myself not to limp. When I got in there the tears finally came no sound with them, just the water washing down my face.

 My phone buzzed in my pocket and I checked it, the name read Nadia. I didn't even look at it, just deleted it and closed the phone nd layed back trying to get comfortable. I was just drifting off to sleep when it began to ring, this time suprisingly it was dad. I rejected the call immediately, not feeling like dealing with idiots and people who sucked the life out of me, literally. I still couldn't believe I'd given him any blood from me.

 Finally I closed my eye and fell asleep, dreaming of vultures in a lion's den. After the lion was done killing it's prey the vultures took what was left. Kind of like people, someone hurts you the rest come in and take every part of what's left. I woke up early in  the morning, thankfully it was summer so I didn't have school even though it was a monday. I went ahead and made myself some breakfast, feeling rather hungry. Right as David walked in the room I heard a knock on the door and looked over at him curiously.

 "Was one of you buddies coming over?" I asked and he shook his head softly and headed towards the door opening it slowly. There in the door frame was my father, Nadia, and dad's stupid assistant Melissa. Great, I thought, I get to see the smack down between the world's worst fathers. Dad gave me and irritated look then focused his attention on David, and so began one of the biggest arguements I'd ever seen was about to rage.

The End

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