Bloodstains on our handsMature

 "Why the hell did you take my razor?" I asked trying to calm down, but I was pissed that I had to give blood to dad, then Cole told me Nadia had my razor. "Give it back, NOW!" Nadia looked at me like I was crazy, which is what I was about to be, if she didn't give me back the only thing that ever provided relief.

 "No Dakota, that's not good for you and it's not right," She said looking me in the eyes, "Besides I don't want you getting relient on pain as a satisfaction." I looked her in the eyes as my tears finally came.

 "Fine if you won't give it back," I said walking into the kitchen, "I'll just use something else." I pulled out the sharpest knife I could find and started sinking it into my skin letting the pain flow out when Nadia ran in, trying to be a fucking hero again.

 We wrestled  for the knife screaming at each other, I was the only one with tears.  Finally she managed to wrestle it away from me and it slid across the kitchen floor which was now covered in my blood, which also covered both our hands. Nadia looked down at her hands in disbelief shaking softly. She then fell to her knees and looked up at me.

 "D-Dakota please," She began and I could tell she was going to be religious, "Stop this and let me pray for you, let God help you!" I looked at her angrily and shook my head.

 "There is no such thing as a God," I said walking away, "It's just something people made up so they would have hope for something after death." I  was headed towards the coat rack, I was going to leave she could just deal with it.

 "Dakota that's not true!" She said moving after me and grabbing my shoulder, "He loves you, he hates seeing you like this! Just like me!" I laughed shrugging off her hand off as I grabbed my hoodie.

 "We deal with things different ways Nadia," I said as I headed for the door, "You read your holy book and talk to some guy in the clouds. Me, I like to cleanse my pain in blood" She looked shocked as I turned the door knob and heard Cole running down the stairs toward me.

 "Dako-" The slam of the door cut him off short. I walked down the driveway right as a white suburban pulled in and dad's stupid assistant, Melissa I think was her name strode toward me.

  "I just came to check on you kids, your father's doing fi-" I cut her off before she could say more.

 "I don't care about my dad, he can die for what I care." I never broke stride as I texted my step father to come and get me. I met up with him at the bus stop, he was in his old beat up pick up truck and he looked like a pedophile.

 "You had better have a good reason for calling me," He growled as I got in the car, "because if you don't-" I was sick of talking so I even cut him off..

 "Look you can beat me all the hell you want when we get to the house," I snapped, "just get me there." As the pickup sailed through traffic I finally managed to control my anger.

 Too bad I couldn't say the same for my step-father.

The End

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