I hate hospitalsMature

 Wow first church and now a fucking hospital. It must be national "Take Dakota to places he hates just to piss him off week". We had come home to find dad lying on the ground in a pool of blood, Nadia had freaked out and started screaming for help, Devyn had to drag her out of the room so I could check his pulse and call the ambulance.

   The ambulance had arrived within a few minutes,carrying my father out on a stretcher. I was allowed to go with them in the ambulance since Nadia was still overwhelmed, though it would've helped if she wasn't a complete basket case and her car would start up on the first time.

   When we got to the hospital I had to wait in the waiting room until the doctors had him in a room and hooked up to half a dozen machines. I stayed in there legs crossed waiting for him to either wake up or die, honestly I was hoping for the second option.

  As far as I'd heard from all the "Genius" medical staff, he may have at best, received a minor concussion, at worst received a severe concussion that could kill him. Frankly I didn't care, it was all the same to me, he'd cracked his head open, they just weren't sure how wide the opening was.

   Finally some stupid perky nurse came in asking about his medical background. She then ran a few tests on my unconcious father and left with this happy go lucky grin that made me want to be eaten by a flock of vultures.  The door clicked shut and my father's eyes finally shot open. They looked around and they finally rested on me.

    "Well hello there sleeping beauty, you had Nadia worried sick." I said, with sarcasm masking a slight bit of relief in my voice. He tried to get up and a look of pain ran over his face and he plopped back down.

    "D-Dakota what happened?" he said, his voice rather weak. I almost pitied him, then I remembered who he was then any sympathy died.

    "The best I can tell, You cracked your head open," I said like I was talking to a three year old, "So we had to bring you here so you wouldn't bleed all over the linoleum."

    "Where's Nadia? And your friends?" He asked, his eyes somewhat glassy. Now I usually would have not communicated with my father, but this was fun making fun of him while he was this confused.

     "Probably crying her eyes out in her car couple miles from here," I said, looking at him curiously, "There wasn't enough room in the ambulance, oh well I'm sure they'll be here sometime today."

     He returned my gaze and cleared his throat right as the doctor came in. He was looking at a chart and then began to ask dad questions. Finally he stopped and looked over at me monotonely.

       "He'll need a blood donation to be able to live," He said staring intently at me, "Are you  relative?"

        "Yes I'm his son." I said, cringing on the statement wishing it wasn't true.

        "Then would you be willing to donate blood?" He asked, "It'll make the operation go smoother." I sighed knowing that I could wait for Nadia, but she'd be here God knows when. I knew this man had given me life, but I didn't want to give it back to him. Finally I decided losing blood was better than listening to Nadia giving a huge lecture.

          "Fine," I said coldly, "But make it quick." God I was going to regret this, This is exactly why I hated hospitals.

The End

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