Great, on top of my dad coming home and losing my razor, Nadia was dragging me to church. Just wonderful, I wasn't happy about this at all but Nadia just kept insisting until I got sick of her pleading so I agreed. Well at least my friends were coming, oh wait that didn't make it any better, because they both felt the same way as me about 'God'.

 Nadia tried to make small talk with me while we walked to church, I gave a few grunts but never a real response so she just gave up and started hanging out with Devyn.

Honestly, I didn't care what she did, I was upset I had to go anywhere near a building full of hypocrites.  That's all church is afterall, a whole bunch of hypocrites coming together to spread rumors and sing songs about a fake God. I thought on all of this as we entered the small building. It was full of old people with judgemental eyes, and younger people huddled up in groups gossiping.

I walked down the stairs behind Nadia until we were in a small basement room full of teens sitting down waiting for the youth group to start. I sat next to Cole and pulled my hood up. I saw a wall of jocks swarming into the seats next to me looking for some more fresh meat obviously.

"What's up Dakota?" One of them taunted coldly, "Having fun crying yourself to sleep every night?" I ignored him, but they kept on pestering me until the pastor came in. He was a young, fat, semi bald man with an overly huge, fake smile.

"Hey everyone! How's your week been?" he got multiple replies, and I just sat back in my chair and waited for this to be over with, "Well we're going to get started now with some fun!"

He played some stupid little trust game and then taught a lesson on the love of God. I rolled my eyes as he spoke, about how "God can heal you!" and how "God would always be there for you!". I had to bite my tongue from telling how close God's been to me.

Devyn seemed uncomfortable being in church and talking about God. Finally the class was dismissed with prayer and I got up slowly, heading upstairs. I saw the pastor's wife glare at me as if I was going to steal something. She then started whispering to one of her friends as she continued to glare at me. I flashed her a fake smile and then jogged up the stairs picking a pew in the back row.

After a few minutes of chatter the worship began and I just stayed seated until the pastor's wife snarled in my ear.

"Show some respect and stand up!" I rolled my eyes and stood not saying a word as she continued to glare at me from the corner. I just stood there and watched as the pastor stood up there and pretended to weep and praise God. Finally worship ended and the service began.

The only thing the pastor preached about, was how God wanted us to "be on fire for him everyday". I sat there bored until they had collected the offering and we were allowed to leave. As I walked out I heard the pastor and his wife talking, not suprisingly it was about me.

"He didn't even spare anything in the offering basket!" His wife was blowing it out of proportion, saying I should have donated to the kingdom of God and that whole load of bull. Finally I got fed up and walked over.

"You want to know why I didn't give my money in offering?" I asked and they both just stared at me for a minute, "Because I didn't want to help out a bunch of hypocrites who do even worse things than the ones they accuse of sin."

They were both dumbstruck as I walked out leaving Nadia and Devyn to clean up the mess. Cole ran after me until he finally met my pace and we slowly walked back home.

The End

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