Returning BackMature

The next few days with Melissa went surprisingly well. Nothing horrible happened. But at the same time, tha didn't make me feel any better. She pulled me out a lot, forcing me to spend time in the cinemas or theme parks or any where else that could possibly get me out of my depressing state. Nothing really worked but I tried to be 'normal' enough to keep her happy.

Tonight would be the flight back home. The plane was leaving at around eight and the fact that there was only thirty minutes left to get there was starting to scare me. Melissa was still in her room and hadn't come down to the reception yet so we could check out. I knew we won't miss the flight, we never did. But that didn't magically erase the tension I always felt.

"I swear to God, if she doesn't come right now, I'll-"

"Here!" Melissa said, rushing from the elevator doors with her luggage. "Finally," I muttered. She handed over her keys to the receptionist who smiled and said, "I hope you have a good flight Sir."

"That's near impossible," I murmured to myself, shooting Melissa a murderous look. She smiled brightly at me and followed me out into the car that was waiting to take us to the airport.

It was a short drive, throughout which Melissa babbled non stop about unimportant matters. I wasn't listening to her till the end, when we boarded the plane and put our seat belts on.

"You've been awfully quiet," she said, glancing at me in a strange way.

"When am I not?"

Deciding not to answer that, she kept quiet and took out a magazine from one of the pockets. I looked out the passenger window, staring at the stars shining in the night sky. There were few that were clearly visible, the pollution of the city blocking the other brilliant ones from view.

Sometimes that's how my life felt. All the issues, the problems seemed to cloud my chances of actually having something bigger. And if these issues don't get solved soon enough...there just might be no star to shine in the future.

The End

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