Enjoying Myself Yet? Hardly...Mature


I heard three sharp knocks on my room door but I didn't have to turn around and walk over for me to know that it was Melissa. It always was her. And again, she never waited for me to open the door to welcome her in. Instead, she walked herself in, chatting as she came.

"You know I was thinking about visiting the park and a few other places while we're here. Do you have any plans I could add to my list?"

I snorted. "You actually think I'm going to spend the day with my assistant?"

"What makes you think I'll let you go on your own?"

"No, no," I said sharply, turning around to face her. "What makes you think I'll possibly spend the whole of the day with the woman who annnoys the hell out of me?"

"Can you just for a second, stop taking all your pent up emotions out on me?" She retorted back, her voice filled with irritation. I didn't say anything as I watched her calm herself down, running her hands through her hair. It was another of her little outbursts of accusation. I was always the fault, right?

"Look. I didn't mean that. What I meant is will you please stop being so angry at me? Just forget about how things are back home and have a little fun for once."

"It's not that easy," I hissed, my fist clenching. "You speak like you know how it is to live this life of mine."

"You're right. I don't. That gives me all the more reason to worry."

I laughed, it not quite reaching my emotions as I looked at her. "You worry. Now that's a great image."

Her gaze softened on mine as she said quietly, "Yes I do. Now will you please get dressed into something more outdorsy so we could at least go out a little?"

In the back of my mind, I wanted to resist her attempt at trying to convince me. Yet I couldn't help agree with the fact that she had a point. And I didn't want to offend her. That's how I found myself getting changed a few minutes later, knowing she was waiting for me downstairs to join her.

Oh well...I might as well give it a try. What more have I got to lose?

The End

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