What Was on Devyn's MindMature

~~Nadia's Perspective~~

I hadn't been about to give what Dakota dubbed my "Christian tirade." Granted, I was going to tell Cole I was praying for him and that he could trust me, but I knew it would have turned Cole even further away from God to talk about salvation at that particular moment. Someday, I would, but not tonight. It just wouldn't have been effective...

Devyn was walking into the room. I, recovering from having just been cussed out by my brother (who had always been supportive to me), raised my eyebrows at Devyn. "I see you're more properly attired?" I teased softly, taking note of the shirt he'd put on since we'd...well, since we'd kissed.

Laughing, Devyn sat down beside me...but I could tell his laughter didn't reach his eyes. Frowning, I reached across and patted his knee. "So...are you okay? Or, umm..." my voice trailed off, unsure of what to say.

"Yeah, I'm great," Devyn said, after a moment's pause.

I snorted. "Yeah, I can tell that's a lie. What's up?"

Biting his lip, Devyn shook his head. "It's just...well, it's not that important." He shrugged and looked away.

I could tell when people were nervous, so I didn't want to press the issue. Instead, I let the two of us sit in silence. 

One of the many things I admired about Devyn was the fact that he wasn't opposed to just sitting sometimes. Almost all my other "friends" and ex-friends felt as though they had to fill up any silence with their jabbering, but there were never awkward silences with Devyn. We both understood that there was a time to talk and a time to just sit and think. Right now was one of the latter times.

As we sat and thought, my mind strayed over the past times Devyn and I had seen each other. There had been many, but up until a year or so ago, neither of us had really shown interest in one another. And then, things had changed. Something in the air, maybe. Whatever it was, I was suddenly very aware of Devyn...and it was pretty clear that he noticed me, too. 

The thought sent a tingle down my spine. Maybe I was desirable, after all. Maybe love really was possible for me!

Finally, I let out a slow breath, before addressing the situation at hand. "So, what's up with Cole? Why's he acting all weird? Unless you'd rather not tell me, of course."

Devyn shook his head. "I don't know. I mean, I do know, but...it's kind of a long story."

I rolled my eyes. "Oh, please. Whenever someone says "it's a long story," it's obvious they're begging to tell what's on their mind."

"You'll get bored or worried or something."

"Try me."

The End

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