Charades we all need to playMature

We stood there awkwardly for a minute because let's be honest. You don't usually see on of your best friends kissing your sister. I stood there until he stopped and saw me. I finally broke the silence with a laugh and warmly put my hand onDevyn's bare shoulder.

"Uh how about you go upstairs and get a shirt on," I said, laughing warmheartedly, "before you make my sister melt casanova." He nodded swiftly and ran upstairs to get on a shirt and Cole walked over and sat on the couch softly not saying anything.

"So you're obviously not as angry anymore now are you?" I asked, still giggling and she blushed and moved over as I sat down next to Cole.

"Yeah I am," She said blushing  wildly, "I-I really like him, uh no offense Cole."

"N-none taken." He finally snapped back into this world but he looked horrible, as if he was about to cry, or vomit. I looked over at him curiously and he just leaned his head on his hand and didn't return my gaze. Nadia seemed to notice and automatically her 'preach about God to random people' mode turned on.

"Cole are you alright?" She asked and you could hear the concern in her voice, "Do you need to talk about anything?" He shook his head no and just sat there a little bit longer.

I really hoped she wasn't about to start going on about how Jesus can save you, because I knew Cole wouldn't explode but he'd just go upstairs and sit there for a while alone. He didn't believe in God and I could understand why, his life was seriously screwed up. Both his mother and step dad drank, did drugs, and were the most abusive people I've ever seen. The only thing he knew about his father was that he was dead, and from what his mom said, he was a dead beat father who didn't care.

On top of that his step dad beat both him and Devyn almost every day to some degree. His mom never laid a finger on him but, her words were more destrucive than any weapon could ever be. On top of that he had few real friends, and was separated from all of his family. He never said anything about it though really, and he had very good reason.

His step dad went crazy one night and held a gun to his head and told him to never tell anyone about how he was beaten. So I didn't wan Nadia going on about how God loved him and wanted to heal him. I didn't even believe that, and I knew Cole didn't for sure.

She was about to start her christian tirade when I cut her off with a glare that could've made the fires of hell look like an ember. She stopped abruptly and just sat there dumbfounded at why I'd stopped her when I usually just let her go on. Finally Cole yawned and got up scratching his neck softly.

"I'm going to go up stairs if either of you need me." He said softly and the bounded up the stairs and I heard my door open and shut softly. This gave Nadia the time to glare back at me and start her little tirade.

"Dakota seriously?" She said angrily, "I could've helped him if you had just-" This statement angered me greatly and I cut her off.

"Look you don't know Cole or Devyn's life so don't start trying to preach to them until you know the full story, their life is fucked up with a capitol F" I got up as I heard Devyn coming back down the stairs, "Here comes your boyfriend now, since it's not my place so he should tell you."

I passed Devyn while going up the stairs and I whispered under my breath to him.

"She needs to know about your life," I say softly as he pauses, "Not the charades we all put up to protect ourselves from the truth."

The End

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