Fake smiles, from fake peopleMature

I realize now just how much of a mistake I had made. Nadia was between bursting into tears and blowing a fuse on her so called friends. That and I think Devyn was about to puke  from being coddled over by some random girl with way too much perfume. Well I could always cuss them out and make them leave... I dismissed the idea after realizing I had no real reason to cuss them out. I pondered what I should do when they stopped the channel on a stupid teenage romance movie.

I shot Devyn and Cole a glance that told them to make up an excuse to get out of the room. It was bad enough there were two bleach blonde whores in my house, but I refused to watch a fake movie about some immortal falling head over heels for a stupid overly moody girl.

"Hey uh Dakota, Devyn want to go play uh," Cole had to think for a second before he finally got up and ran upstairs shouting behind him, "Football, yeah football I'll go grab the ball real quick."

I nodded eagerly and tried my hardest not to scream bloody murder, while I  ran out the back door into the yard Devyn fast behind me. We waited for a moment until Cole came out holding a football.

"Good save dude!" I commented as Cole through me the ball while I waited for Devyn to get farther back, "For a second there I thought we were going to be stuck watching that crappy movie." We all laughed at that and I took a second to glance back into the living room the girls were all talking, but there was something... wrong with it.

Then it got me, those smiles, they were far too big to be real, they were trying to get to Nadia, but I knew she could handle herself in a situation like this. At least I HOPED she could. I knew how these so called friends of hers were, they pretended to love her and be there for her, but when she turned her back then they called her every name in the book and spread as many rumors as they could about her.

I caught the ball again and pondered what they were laughing at, or who. I threw the ball again and thought about how lucky I was to have Cole and Devyn instead of those fake jerks. I Heard them squeal and start clapping, probably at the movie and I could almost see the flames in Nadia's eyes. I sighed and heard Devyn grunt and I looked over to see him in a rose bush. Cole was laughing and almost falling on the ground it was so funny, I couldn't blame him.

Devyn got up and his shirt was falling apart, he frowned and tore it off throwing it on the ground. He rolled his eyes and laughed slightly and began walking over when I heard Nadia from the living room.

"BOTH OF YOU GET OUT!" She screamed and then there was silence and the opening and slamming of a door and we heard the girls muttering and walking back to the park.

"Umm do you want me to go..." Devyn asked and I nodded anxiously and he walked in  the house.

Cole looked over at me somewhat helplessly I motioned for me to follow me over to the wall. I heaved myself onto the concrete and Cole was next to me within a minute and he almost seemed... upset?

"Dakota... I-" He couldn't seem to find the right words for a few seconds, "Does my brother... like Nadia?"

"Yeah he- he does." I said nodding somewhat awkwardly as he looked down for a moment and sighed.

"I-I just needed to know," He said, his voice slightly cracking, "I thought he did but..." His voice trailed off hoarsely as if some memory was beginning to haunt him.

"Cole what's wrong," I asked ,trying to meet those blue eyes that shone like cold stars, "Do you not like the idea of them being, a couple?"

"No, well not really it's just..." He looked over at me, "I don't want you to hate me if he breaks Nadia's heart."

"Cole I know your brother wouldn't," I said, laughing slightly, "Besides if I did I'd be out of a friend I couldn't replace." He laughed slightly but he still had that look in his eye as if something was paining him.

"There's something else bothering you," I said, and he nodded slowly as I continued, "What?"

"... When Nadia screamed at her so called friends," He started slowly his voice slowly choking off as he spoke, "It-it reminded me of when my mom was drunk one night and-" He was nearly in tears now as he continued.

"She tried to kick Devyn and I out of the house," He said and he mimicked her voice as the tears slid down his face, "That's the only thing she said to us that night, the only reason we were able to come back was because the police were called."

He stopped and I couldn't blame him. I could tell just by looking at him that his heart would break if he continued. He just shook his head and began to rock softly back and forth. I put a hand on his shoulders until his eyes weren't as teared up and we finally started to head.

I thought of Kacie and Brittany as I walked in. How they'd made my sister so angry and then caused Cole to become this upset. The next time I saw them they were going to get an earful. 

I stopped abruptly as I walked in to see Devyn  lean in and softly kiss Nadia of the lips and brush back her hair.

The End

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