I sighed heavily as drove the small card through the slot and seeing a green light in response, opened the door to my residential suite. I threw my bag carelessly onto one of the sofas, wandering towards the bedroom. Loosening my tie, I took it off and threw it into some corner of the room before crashing down onto the bed.

I was exhausted. The plane ride here had been short but the meeting had stretched on till forever. I was immediately whisked away from the airport straight to the conference hall downtown and I really wasn't in the mood to talk on behalf of my company in front of hundreds of people. Yet, I didn't have a choice. I'd placed myself in this.

My biggest dilemma however is the fact that I couldn't take my life's personal issues out of my mind throughout the whole night. Melissa always told me to think of my life as a wardrobe. "Socks and suits don't go in the same draw. Likewise, your work and your family life doesn't either. Just learn to manage both seperately." But I couldn't.

It wasn't 'stress' that put me here. Stress was different. I was just...I felt so broken and helpless. For someone normal, staying in a luxury suite in one of the best hotels in the world might feel like a dream come true. But for someone who has everything but still can't cherish the most important parts of their life like love, and family; nothing else would matter.

And I felt like that every second of every day. Stretched infinitely beyond my own boundaries and limits. The worst part of it was knowing that unless everything goes back to normal, I would only continue to see my life fall apart until I die.

But if I wanted things to return to how they were before, I'd have to be ready to pick up the pieces. But what if...what if there are none to pick up anymore? What if it's too late?

The End

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