~~Nadia's Perspective~~

The instant Kacie and Brittany walked in the door, I felt my blood boil. Yes, Dakota had warned me they were coming, but to think they had the audacity to come see me when they'd left me in the dust...

"Hey!" said Brittany, holding her arms out for a hug.

I grunted and acted like I hadn't seen her. Rolling my eyes, I opened one of the pizza boxes. Mmm...the aroma of pepperoni pizza hit my nostrils, and I breathed it in.

"What's up?" Kacie asked, helping herself to a can of Sprite I'd set out for myself on the counter.

I shrugged and acted as though the pizza required my full attention. I determined within myself that I would not let myself lose my temper with these girls - especially not in front of Devyn.

"Hiiiii, Devyyyyn," said Brittany, drawing out her syllables in a really annoying way. "What's up?"

Devyn either was oblivious to Brittany's flirtation, or else he was doing a really good job of acting like he didn't notice. "Ah, not much. School and stuff."

I cleared my throat, trying my best not to be jealous. Since when was Brittany interested in Devyn?

Cole met my eyes, and I could tell he was annoyed, too.

"I like pepperoni pizza," Devyn said to break the silence. "It's always been my favorite, ever since I was a kid." He grabbed a paper plate and took three slices of the pepperoni pizza.

"Me, too! Pepperoni's the best!" Brittany exclaimed, taking a slice and biting into it slowly, deliberately.

"No, it isn't. You hate pepperoni," I said, irritated.

Another silence. Brittany blushed. "Well, I like it now."

Kacie diverted our attention. "Sooo...How long are you gonna be living with your dad?" she asked, twirling hair around her finger. She took a paper plate and minced around the table, carefully selecting her slice of pizza. "I didn't think you'd want to come live with him."

I clenched my teeth and let Dakota answer. "I don't know. He's gone on a business trip. We might have to go back to live with our mom."

"Wanna watch TV or something?" Cole asked, trying to keep the conversation away from Dakota's and my rotten parents. I smiled gratefully at him.

As we sat down, I watched with jealousy that Brittany was sitting next to Devyn. Crossing my arms, I scooted further away from Kacie, who was sitting next to me on the couch. I shoved the pizza in my mouth and tried to keep my cool.

Kacie grabbed the remote and began to flip through the channels.

I grabbed my soda and began to slurp loudly.


The End

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