Alone TimeMature

I'd awoken to Cole getting up and padding down the stairs. I stretched, yawning and got out of bed and followed him down the stairs to where I heard Nadia talking softly to Devyn about my father leaving for some stupid meeting.

"Heh good riddance I say," I snickered as Nadia shot me a wary glance as if I was about to start something again, "Don't look at me like that Nadia, I was just angry last night."

"Really? I couldn't have guessed." She said with a slight smile finally showing her usual self. She was in her whole dance uniform, must have just gotten back probably.

"You guys hungry?" She asked taking off her dance shoes and slipping into some socks, "Dad left some money to order dinner."

I shrugged and looked over at Cole who nodded and Nadia smiled and picked up the house phone and started dialing the number for some pizza. My mind started to drift off slightly as thoughts of what would happen tomorrow drifted in. Would we go back to mom or stay here? Would my friends come with us or would they have to stay at their ratty apartment ?

My mind swirled with questions like this until my vision started to get blurry and I got a headache and had to sit down for a minute. Then I started to feel sick as I thought of what would happen if we went back with the boys and David was there. The thought of that almost made me puke.

"Nadia I'm going to take a walk, I need some fresh air, call me when the pizza gets here." I almost ran out the door as I struggled to breathe. Nadia called after me but I slammed the door and ran almost half a block before slowing down at a park and puking behind a tree.

Some people would call me insane for getting sick over simple thoughts, but those thoughts brought back horrible memories with David. How he'd always beat us and make us clean up the blood, how he'd get high and beat mom. All those things boiled over from thoughts into a physical sickness I just couldn't describe.

I dry heaved again but nothing came out and I finally wiped my mouth on my jacket and sat on the park bench, body racking in pain. I sat there for a few more minutes and let the pain and the thoughts finally ease away until they were gone. 

Satisfied with this I got up and walked through the park which was lit up slightly by lamp lights even though it was only 7 o'clock. I suddenly heard shrill girly voices that I recognized as some of my sister's friends, if you could call them that. They were more like bleach blonde urchins to me.

"Brittany look it's Dakota!" I heard one of them squeal and then they ran up and started saying hello and blabbering on and on. This in turn caused my headache to respawn .

"Dakota is Nadia with you?" Brittany asked a mischevious spark twinkling in her eye, "We haven't seen her in forever!"

"Uh no she's back at the house-" I tried to speak but they squealed again and cut me off again, oh god what I'd do for some ear plugs right now.

"Oh please Dakota," They were both batting their eyelashes as they spoke, "We REALLY want to see Nadia, can we come over?"

"Umm I'm not sure that-" I couldn't get another word in, as they began pleading with those stupid baby blue contact lenses which they tried to make seem like puppy dog eyes.

Well if it'll make you shut up and leave me alone... I thought as I surveyed my options of having my sister mad at me or trying to get away from these two.

I texted Nadia that her friends were coming over and that we would be there in about 5 minutes.

The End

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