Few truths, thousands of lies.Mature

Cole was rolling on the floor laughing at how I'd tried to imitate super man and nearly broke my arm and the window in the process. Devyn came into the room and looked slightly puzzled for a moment before he burst into a laughing fit and nearly dropped his can of coca cola. When the laughter finally died down cole hopped back up on the bed and grabbed the controller he was using again and started off talking, while trying to effectively play the game.

"Ah Dakota this is why I love coming over here your absolutely histerical," He laughed slightly as he spoke, "And you're an awesome friend."

"Eh I try my best," I shrugged somewhat blushing, "Hey I'm going to go get my ipod really quick." I started walking out of the room when Devyn spoke over his shoulder softly.

"You may want to check on your sister she seems really upset over something." He said barely a whisper so his brother couldn't hear, only he and I actually knew how he felt about Nadia.

I flew down the steps gracefully my feet barely even touching the ground. I stopped in the living room and grabbed my ipod which I had accidently lain down on the table. A voice caught my attention it was Nadia's in the other room and my father was talking back in a soft voice.

"-Dakota's doing okay I guess, I'm not really sure how he is all together though," Nadia sniffled softly sounding pathetic, "He always seems... angry? I guess is the word."

"Mad as hell is more appropriate actually," I said stepping into the room a rather angry expression on my face, "If you're going to talk about me behind my back at least get your terms right." 

"Dakota please sit down and let's talk a little bit," He gestured to the chair in front of him, "I need to have some connection to my boy."

"Excuse me 'Daddy Dearest' but I'm not one of your damn clients," I said clenching my fists tight as a horrified look came over Nadia's face, "And any 'connection' we ever had is gone." I felt tears almost well up in my eyes but I forced them back as my father gave me an irritated look.

"Look I know I'm not the best father ever but I'm making time for you now," He said snottily in his best business tone, "So how about you just take it."

"Dakota, dad seriously stop," Nadia got in front of me and grabbed my arms, "Please you don't need to act like this."

I was frustrated now by my sister being the family saint so I softly shoved her out of the way and I folded my arms and plopped down into the chair softly.

"Fine then you want to talk?" I said looking my father in the eye for the first time in this house today, "Let's see how many lies you want to tell me now."

"Dakota I don't lie to you I-" I angrily cut him off in mid sentence.

"You what? Don't want the truth to hurt me?" I asked looking him in the eyes and making sure he saw every flicker of flaming rage in my body, "Because if that's what it is maybe I should just walk back to Mom's or Cole's house."

"Dakota why are you making this so damn hard?" He  shouted angrily, "I'm trying to make time for my son, it may not seem like it but, I DO LOVE YOU!" 

"If you loved me then you wouldn't tell me lies like what you just said," I said slightly laughing as a tear danced down my cheek, "Because those are the ones that make me want to bleed." I lifted up my arm and showed him the scars from where I cut myself. He and Nadia both gasped and I cut him off before he or Nadia could say a word.

"What's wrong can't take the fact that your son doesn't fit into your 'perfect american dream'?" I asked and he just stared as I got up and bounded up the stairs without another word. 

He knew I was right only few precious things he says are true and the rest is just an ocean of thousands of lies that make me want to bleed out my pain.

The End

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